Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween Detroit

well i hoped you are have a good and spooky day in Culture city and you made have to play dress up today.

The Two morning show was pretty buzy with Halloween segment and shows today but i say up last night to watch the magic Numbers from last week BBC electer proms last week and look for any live blog update from the CMJ New Music Marthon in NYC this week so i miss today but did see live with regis and kelly.

i did see the video of the today cast Dress up on msnbc.com and Matt Lauer and Al Roker dress up as cariture from the pireat of the carraberin movie with Matt dress up as Captin Jack and al was that sqiutley monster from Dead Man Chest now the ladies was dress up a singing Divas with Ann Curry as Cher Natalie Morales as madonna and Meredith Viera as Carol King wow

now if you want to see the video you can go to

Now on Regis and kelly today they did Four set of costeum with daytime pair dress up as each other Howel mandell and one of the 26 models on deal of no deal, Justin timberlake and Cristen Auglared (Sorry for the spelling) and Paulia and simon of America Idol with a cameo from Simon real girlFriend (i can remember her name)

Now The All hollow eve maddness continued tonight on dancing with the starts on ABC with a halloween show yes kids there dressing up the ball room tonight.

Now Saturday Night Away from the TV And the Computer i did go to the stick to see the ZombieDanceParty 3 and yes there was a lot of great costuem most of the cotsum was what else zombie but there was a lot of fairey selklton and fro and whitchs there was some good costum by our local artist, Folk singer Molly Jean Callwell was dress up as one of the old Female ball players form the 1950's (From the movie a league of there own) members of the hard less dress up as a mouse (Augie) a robot (Korin) and Zombie Brad Pitt(The Anvil) but the best costuem was from singer Lorreata Lucas and her sister Juile (a member of her backing band Larkspurs)they was dress up as Each other which trown me off for a crazy loop big time, but the was great guys.

The Night was very good with music from the amsome Great Lakes Myth Society From Ann Arbor and crazy rock from Impostors of the Deep Society which is made up from Chad and Keith from Johnny Headband, Steve and Jimmy from The Beggars, Tony Muggs and Danny Methric from The Muggs and the the main Headliners Troy Gregory and the Zambees who rise from the Dead to play the stick and they play pretty well for a zombie band.

Now there was a lot of pitures from that night here are a few

ZombieDanceParty 3 My space sight
Japer From Web Viomt
The Hard Lesson Costume with pic from them playing CBGB
ZombieDanceParty Flicker Set
and from tory himself the lost 1966 interview in the UK with the Zambie before they got loss on the Boblo boat

Part One

Part Two

Ans One more Note on the Indoor Gig Gudie Tonight on Late Night with Coann O'Brian they will used a old show with Larry King, Omar Epps, and will Arnett and just like a few years ago whem they persent it claymatiion, there going to present the show in you be scary when you see it Skelevision.

Conan Air tonight at 12:35 on NBC (WDIV-4) at my home base in detorit.

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