Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last Night at the CMJ from a at home music Fan whose wish to be in NYC

Last Night was the beging of the CMJ New Music Marathon in New youk City and all ready there is already torbule at one venue as the lead singer of a uk Band was attack.

Accroing to the NME New Music Express on there blog sight The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan was assaulted mid-show at there CMJ Gig at the Chelsea area bar Stereo to a invite only crowd when an audience member leapt onstage and dragged him to the ground, where a scuffle ensued (shade of the BJM scene in the movie DIG) but he was not worried about the fight as he later told NME.COM

"You should have seen HIS face afterwards." Badwan went on to describe the lead-up to the attack, saying "this guy kept trying to grab the microphone, and after I told him to stop, he tried to start a fight with me". Badwan joked with the crowd, "It really is Halloween." However, Badwan later admitted he tends to avoid such incidents saying, "I would never hit someone unless they hit me first".

Now security did there job broke it up and threw the person who started the fight out of the club and was told never to come back, but

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