Thursday, November 02, 2006

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CMJ Music Marathon
by Angry Citizen
I Will Survive
by things that go pop
By Looking Through a Glass Onion
New York Times reports on CMJ Music Marathon
Veritas Lux Mea
The CMJ Invasion - Wednesday
by SuperDee
And the Marathon Begins (No, the Other One)
by Steven S. Fang
This as of noon Tuesday

From the Papers
New Your Times
In a World of Cacophony, Experience for Sharing
Related Blog: Jon Pareles at the CMJ Music Marathon

From the Music Sourced That Matters

Marathon Interview: Tom Pryor, National Geographic Online
Marathon Interview: Eric Speck, Ace Fu Records
Marathon Interview: Steve Earle
Marathon Interview: Grey Kid

Indie, Electric, Emo, Oh My!
Whistles, Cowbells, and Drums on the Lower East Side
Horrors Singer Attacked During CMJ Performance
There redux of the attack of horrors front
The Horrors Play at Dim Sum Joint
And they got slam
Stereogum do the soldout knife gig at webster Hall
The Flavorpill Party with CCS and Spank Rock
The Cardigans at CMJ
(I dont know is it me or is Front woman Mina Persson morphing into a sweedish version of Julianna Hatfiled)
THE KNIFE Webster Hall Review, Setlist
with added links from
The Music Slut has pictures and a review
Sarah Q shot some videos at the show
Songs We Used To Sing wrote a review Links)
The Cardigans played Knitting Factory (CMJ)
The Rapture & Presets played Bowery Ballroom (CMJ)
Ferraby Lionheart, Jackson Pollis, & drink specials added to Wednesday's show
A letter from your host Dave Hill

And More to come

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