Thursday, November 02, 2006

it came from the late night music club from culture city with Honey is Cool

And Now it Now Time after a three Day Break the latest entry in the Late night Music Video Club and i got a dosee for you.

But First as you know by going on the Music blog and Music websight the CMJ New Music Marathon is going on in NYC from Now untill Saturday, this begin the cold wheather version of the South by southwest Festival is attaing a 1,000 bands buth paid and free.

And there is Live Broadcast from the cool Radio Stations incluing in Seattle who been doing live set all this week with a lot great live sets from the likes of The Rosewood Thieves, Darc Mind, The Virgins, Head Like a Kite, Voyager One, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Plus/Minus, CANADA, The Broken West, and 120 Days and just like today with amsome live set from Hot Chip,Forward Russia(who will be At the Stick on December 2nd),Tokyo Police Club, Fields and Low Frequency in Stereo

all amsome live set the best of the the whole week
you can see piturers and playback at or on the menu on the left.

After a live set from the Tokyo Police Club they play a track From a now defunc Swedish indie pop/rock band called Honey is Cool, it started in 1994 and continued untill 2001 there was a very good live act but they did not sell many records but thoues who follow undergroud indie rocks scene they will have important.

But there infect lead singer is one Half of the best Techno band who blow every body away and that lead singer was Karin Dreijer, yes the same Karin Dreijer with her brother Olof Dreijer from one of the best band of the Feastival The Knife who from all reports may be the best gig of CMJ at webster Hall last night.

But if you want to see her past indie rock incardnation here from what i find on you tube is the video for Nach heart.

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