Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dancing With the Stars
Who Go Poof in Round Eight

After last night turly Scary halloween edtion of the show who is now going to dissapper from dance floor tonight leaving the show from the Final three.

Already in the last three is Emmitt Smith and his PARTNER:Cheryl Burke and in a total surrprize Joey Lawrence and PARTNER:Edyta Sliwinska, so that leave the only Female in the competion Monique Coleman and odds on Favoret Mario Lopez(no not super Mario) yes it super Mario in the bottom two yes he lead on the judge score card, but that count as half and the other half wass from veiwer vote (incluing this on for the First time, and i voted for Mario and Karina) and after all the vote have been counted did i say we have a dancer finshing 4th and that 4th place is

Monique Coleman

Her High School Musical is over on the dance floor but she gave it a go week after week but it was last night first dance did her in the Judges did not like that dress she wore for the tango and look a little Jerky she did came back with a good second dance (Minis the loud lime Green outfit which was kind of bad) a reader did agree with me in the commets hotline her make-up and outfits were distracting they were so poor. You don't wear a short dress when you have to bend your legs in the tango and don't have a "dancer's thighs".

So it now down to three Mario Lopez, Emmitt Smith, and Joey Lawrence, Next week dances will be one fave Ballrooms and one fave Latin dance from a past show but they will do it with all new music.

The Next to last show will aired Next tuesday at 8 PM on ABC (Detroit, Home base on WXYZ or outside Detroit your ABC station)

And two notes to know of

Just like America Idols and so you think you can Dance there will be a danceing with the stars live tour, you hear me correct a live gig of Dancing with the stars will go on tour and un like the show nobody will be voted off the dance Floor

The Pro and beginner now star dancers who will stars on the live tour are Joey McIntyre (Season 1),Drew Lachey,Lisa Rinna(Season 2),Willa Ford,Harry Hamlin,Joey Lawrence (Season 3) and the pro dancer are Edyta Sliwinska, Ashly DelGrosso, Louis van Amstel, Max Chmerkovskiy, and Kym Johnson

And Yes the live gig version of the show will stop in Detroit, it will take placed at Janurary 6, 2007 at the Palace of Auburn Hills you can gig tickets now in a on line pre-sale (
Link Here) ticket go on sale this Saturday (11/4) at Noon at all ticket master outlet and by phone or at the Palace of Auburn Hills box Office or at

And note number Two becuse Next tuesday is Election Day and all the reslut will be updated all night i will not do a live and local arfer the show post but i may do show note the Next Day but i will be blogging on the return all night next tuesday beginning at 5PM, and i know everybody is sick and tried of all thouse ads, I would encourage everyone of my readers to go out and Vote Next week.

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