Friday, November 09, 2007

BRAKING CULTURE NEWS and a review of Show Four [and the final show i will do on This bad show] of The Next Great American Band with the Muggs.


well if you are the luck few to read yellow on yellow background or check the spoiler by cursor it official, The Muggs ride end tonight, our hometown boys got the bad news after waiting the whole show and the Band feather Danny, Tony, and Matt are the odds band out finishing with the least amount of votes after last week horrible Elton John cover night.

They are one of two band that did not preform tonight cover song of the night billy Joel, the other band also let go of the show was the only all female band in the completion the LA Base band "ROCKET" last week they perform really bad cover version of Sir Elton john with "The Muggs doing a awful version of "I Guess what they Called it the blues" and ROCKET doing a terrible version of the Class song "ROCKETMAN"

there was edge out by the heavy metal kids bands "Light of Doom" they edge out to played at the end of the show, when ask by the hosted what happened Head Judge Ian "Dicko" Dickinson told the host it was death by Lead Singer telling Front Woman for Rocket Lauren to get some vocal lessons and to Danny to get a New Lead singer

How Ironic because last week after the show aired Danny posted something on the Muggs my space blog post a ad for what else a new lead singer and posted the home address for Danny alot of people said don't do it Danny i just a TV, by Tuesday the blog was updated to say (it's a joke people!)

and in Defence of the other band that was voted off "ROCKET", i said this story before but let me say this aging about a year and a half before the was a rock band version of American Idols i got a invited by "ROCKET" to join there friend list on my space, so before i listen i heard there music and i like them so i Join in and that was good

so when you listen to a new band i take this advice from my doing New Music Tuesday, Listen to the 1st two song in full and see if you like it or not.

as for the muggs aldought there time on the show was only three weeks [Four if you count this show] they made the Detroit rocks Scene proud and to showed the world that the Detroit scene aldught down but not out by a long shot and they will still be like by one group of fans there own fans right in Detroit.

as for the Show tonight well not much the show was cut down to a hour after three weeks of horrible ratings and they did the cover song of tonight theme "Billy Joel" which i can say much but it was bad like last week all the cover were not good expect Light of Doom which was very good and kind of like.

Dot,Dot,Dot did a are too over dramatic version of one of my fave Billy Joel pressure to tell you the thurt it was a insult it sound like Panic at the disco doing a bad version of the song yuck!

well, the ride is over, the sad News The Muggs wont be American Next Great Band.

The Good News for us, We would have too see this show aging

but for a really Check for the next two week on Saturday i posted the rating on badly this show is begin watch.

So this mean we can watch
Countdown with Ketih Olbermann[MSNBC] on a Friday night Aging.

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