Thursday, November 08, 2007


This breaking news does involved the Low Watch Show on "The Next Great American Band" and our own Detroit rock and rollers "The Muggs", The Show was taped on either Last Night or on Tuesday with the result be reveled on Friday at 8 PM [and this time it will be a full hour not the whole Two Hours].

Now Nobody on the show is going to say any thing after Friday show end

we cover it up as best i could on who played and who did not played

So if you want to know who go kick off look placed you cursor on the yellow text to read the breaking news.

According to the Anti-American Idols{NGAB if from American Idols} Web sight, The Muggs are out of the Next Great American Band, Our own band from the Motor City finish in the bottom two after last week Awful Elton John cover night went they song a horrible version of "I Guess what they Called it the blues" and after that the Judge was Question about the Vocal of Front man Danny Metric Staying at one point Head Judge Ian "Dicko" Dickinson call his vocal “like Bart Simpson on helium.”

and to End it all off he suggest that they find a Fourth member of the band just for singing only and Danny Focus on his guitars work.

After that on Sunday According to Detroit News Melody Baetens on the Entertainment Blog that after the show Danny put a ad in the Muggs Myspace blog asking for tapes to a Auditioning for a Lead singer for Muggs and they also put the home address of Danny Muggs.

They was not the Only Band to be kick off show the all girls band "ROCKET" also kick out of the show as well after a real bad night for lead singer Lauren Rocket after she was Cirsize aging for her vocal work on the cover song including a real bad cover of Sir Elton "RockMan"

Now this is From the Anti-Idol Site which have a member in the studio crowd During the taping undercover.

To See the show [and too tell you the truth, hopeful for the last time]it going to be on from 8 to 9 pm and worst it going to be all cover from now on ouch and by next week Nobody will watch this show from Detroit

Do this mean i can watch Countdown on Friday Night Aging.

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