Monday, November 05, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And you probable already know by now that the Writers Guild of America have gong on Strike today in a Despite with the Producer over payments to writers from shows offered on the Internet and Sales off DVD.

And almost all expert are saying this Strike could be a long one so almost every late night TV Show will be the first victims of the stike because no writer mean no fresh Materled for all the late night host and no new show mean all the late night show will have to go into reruns and that mean no Letterman, No Leno, No Kimmel, No Conan,No Craig Ferguson, and No Carson Daly."

No New Show mean No new Music Act that are always at the end of the show.

So instead of Music Video we present what would happened in a perfit world to see if there was a deal and if we would not be talk about the strike

On Conan tonight you be seeing Seattle Indie rock band Band of Horses who promoting there Current Album "Cease to Begin" released last month

But instead we have the band From Letterman last Month

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