Monday, November 05, 2007

This Week I Saw a Headach Four Months away

This have been one hell of a weekend
That have seen the Detroit area music blogs goes nuts
Big time.

i tell you in the last 19 months since i started this blog

I have seen some of best minds in Detroit Music Move out of town and Dis the City
I have seen some of my fave bands booking tours and worst yet avoiding Detroit altogether her and even they play Detroit they play Ann Arbobr, Royal Oak, or even Pontiac.
and even worst a Indie booking War between the the Stick Complex in Mid-town and and the Just Opening Crofoot in Pontiac with some of the band that i like playing the Crofoot, which is to hard to travel.

and if you can't think it get any worst for Detroit Rock City....
Late Last Week it already had.

Two Music Festival run by two difference sets of People in two Difference location on The same weekend on the 1st weekend in March.

and Like MC Hammer used to say "PROBLEM"
or Could i say big time problem

The whole story began Last Thursday as
Detour a Detroit Base Web-Zine that held there Launch Party back in September at the Stick Complex and at the CAID announced the Detour Rock City Music Festival to beheld at the Majestic Theatre Center, the 60 acts showcase would take place on March 5th through 8th.

After the some comments on some blog site were writing the Obit of the metro times blowout which have been going since 1998 mostly in the enclave city of Hamtramck and some where saying was asking what happened it the blowout was book as the same week.

Well less than 18 hours later on there website,
the Metrotimes told all of Detroit, yes there will be a blowout as the announced there was taking application on there web site at, and the blowout will take place on March 5th through 8th and after music fans read that all hell broke loose.

there have been a lot of comments on this Major Culture City Dust up the like we never seen before since Michael Colman[Former GM of WDET-FM From Aug. 2005- Dec.2006] ruin WDET-FM back in 2005 and have never been the same since.

A lot of the commet have been total mixed since the two Festival were announced most of the commute have been direct at Detour asking why put on a festival on the same Weekend as the blow out. and most of the comments have been Direct at been one person at the center of this whole story.

Detour published and Editor Anthony Morrow

Morrow have planed out 8 of the 10 blowout in it whole history, but last year he was either [depending who to believe] Fired or Let go from the paper because of cutback at the paper.

After that months later he and other started who also work at the metro times started Detour magazine at which focus on Music, Films, and review of a lot of shows.

most of the comments have been hard on the Detour gang calling the booking of the rock city festival a pay back at the Metro times fired Morrow and other staffer that used to work at the Metro times and the Rock City Festival is the perfit way to get back at the metro times.

but there also been question at the Metro times as well, asking the question did the Metro times was a sleep at the switch, there was rumours before the annocment that there would be no Hamtramck Blowout in 2008 leading to speculation that band was ask there would be no blowout this year and the planned Detroit Fest would be going on.

But there was some comment on the blog that the festival is a alternative to the blowout.

also there have rumours that De-tour is asking band to played that going to played De-tour to not played any other gigs a Week before of the Week After the Detour event.

some member of bands i have talk to say they will not play petty Politic in this gig smack down,and other friend that i know of will simple just don't care.

But, The big Loser in this is the music fans in Detroit who divide in the ugly game of one-up manship, because they have to decide between a local Music festival run by a free newspaper that have been in this town for 27 years or a music festival run by Web-zine made up by former Staffers form the same paper that been up for 6 months.

also big loser in all this is the bar owners in hamtramck where the blowout is located if the crowd goes to the magic stick and don't go to the blowout it could take a chuck out the bar business in hamtramck [non-holiday]

so what my opinion on this whold mess, as you know i like the indie music scene since 1996 when i saw the light and dump commerical radio, and i have been going to show for a long time and yes that include the mult-day music fest that bands that i like played and i been going the blowout every year since the first one when it was only 2-day and 6 clubs and i when to the Launch party for De-tour weeks ago at the stick complex and it was good.

But having Two Difference Festival in Two Difference Location on the same weekend in the same city separated by I-75 Between Holbrook and E.Warren Ave. is a totally bad idea, this is a little bit silly to let a personal feud between a free paper and a Web-zine to spit the avg. music fans to choose one or the other music fest is bad against the fans and worst for the scene and also with traving around the city bad as it is with no mass-transit what so ever and worst years aways doing overlapping festival is not good and worst even hurting the fans.

I hoped there is some good listener out there at both the Metro times and De-tour, My Adviced Move one of the Festival to a Difference Weekend probable the Weekend of Feb. 27th to March 1st that mean a win-win for the Metro times, Detour, and the Detroit Music Fans.

the Reason this is begin talk about Now, because Both the festival ask taking submission for Band to played both Festival, so a lot of it may change between now and March, so keep in tune with this blog site for the latest on this Culture City Smack Down.

Or if you want to send me a Commet or any news on the Dueling festival you can send a Comment or send a E-mail at

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