Saturday, November 10, 2007

Follow up to the Muggs After NGAB

well here is a Follow up the fallout to the Muggs departing Next Great American Band Last Night with some news on what going to next.

first the rating of the show which feather the muggs departher from the show without doing there Bily Joel cover and i am going to do it a little bit difference this time using the old shit from Tiny Toon Adventures that used to aired during the afternoon about ten years ago called "Good Ideal, bad ideal" [If you dont remember here a video clip]

Now remember Fox after they saw there ratings for the 1st three weeks of two hours show they cut back to one hours at 8 PM, the 9 PM Hour was the filler Don’t Forget the Lyrics and guess what it did almost three time better than NGAB getting 6.3 million viewers and a 2.3/ 7 in the 18-49 Demo.

Now that is a good Idea.

Bad Idea

Next Great American Band in there one hour of Air time it manage a 2.69 million viewers and a 1.0/ 4 in the 18-49 Not much growth from last week two hours show so no change there.

Now as for "The Muggs" what next after getting there 15 minutes of Fame well there head it back to Detroit and yes they will record a new album Next year, according to a brief blip in today Detroit Free Press Bassist[and and good singer] Tony DeNardo told the paper before show which was taped on Wednesday the Muggs was cut they would came back home and record a blues-rock album."

and i would not be surprise if there is a little motivation to send a mass age to Ian "Dicko" Dickinson that great band don't have to have a bad lead singer and hoped they don't take Dick advice to add a Fourth member for the singing.

as for any Detroit show in the upcoming further i check there myspace page []and The Muggs Sight[]and they have no new shows book as of this date but if we know any will let you know

One more site note just for fun next Saturday i tell you how much of the Detroit crowd tune out of the show next week so be for warn.

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