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Breaking Culture News in from the Desk of Culture City, Five Days of Anger and Worrying and the nightmare of picking two festival gigs on the same weekend in the same City Ended tonight.

According to
Web Vomit on his Blog sight, De-tour Posted a Statement to all press, that the Detour Music Festival Which have been book for the Majestic Theater Center on March 5th to the 8th the extic same weekend as the Mertotimes Hamtramck Blowout will not happen on that day avoiding a big time riff the like we have not seen since the Jack and Jason Smack down at the Stick on 12-13-03.

in a Statement, they did announced they will move the rock city festival From March to Some time in the Summer of 2008, but they did not say what the new date is

Here is the Full Statement as posted on the Web Vomit Web Site at 1:11 A.M.

After witnessing undue pressure put on bands, venues, sponsors, and the fans, Detour has decided to postpone Rock City until summer 2008. The festival will still feature the best in local Detroit talent along with a slew of the national acts we love.

We’re not in the business of warring festivals. We attempted to broker a deal where both events could coexist, but this didn’t work out. Detour will not be a part of any event that divides artists and their fans. We want people to play and attend our events and read our site out of passion, or simply for fun, and not because they feel like they have to take a side.

Thank you to the bands that agreed to take the journey and stand up with us. We’re saving a slot for you next summer.

And remember, if you’re planning a festival in the coming months, let us know so we can book something on the very same day.


they have been bad feedback since the Rock City was Announced back on Thursday to take place on the same Weekend as the blowout [March 5th-8th]some were saying the whole rock city event was put together to get back at the metro times which house many of the staff that used to works at the metro times most notable Publisher and Editor Anthony Morrow who producer 8 out if the 10 blowout

Morrow who was either let go or was fired after the last year blowout and have been running Detour since May of this year.

So a big Time culture City Gig meltdown have been adverted big time and it is good we would have to pick and Choose between two festival on the same week and the Detroit music Fans got to go to both.

That is good to see.

i going to swallow this big new and have more on this tomorrow

so that mean Four Months until blowout and least we not forget
Ten Months until DALLY 31 yeah!

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