Monday, August 14, 2006

25 days Untill
The Dally in the Alley

And The Full Line - Up For the Dally in Unviled

well i Hoped you have a very good weekend in Detroit Rock City Me i am doing OK the only good thing i did over the weekend was to i went to the FOURTH ANNUAL LIFE-AFFIRMING ROCK N ROLL GARALE SALE put on every year by Wendy Case of the paybacks, It was a lot smaller this year as in the past but there was a lot of people search for some good rock and rool stuff mostly CD form those Britsh Maginzines also i got A copy of Butch Walker and the Let go out tonights, Southern Culture on the Skids "Liquored up and Lacquered Down, and a CD for Underground Garde Host the one and Only Kim Fowley with his 1994 CD "Bad News from the Underground" also brought a lot of rock buttons and a VHS Copy (sorry it was not the DVD copy of the Classic movie that Started on SNL Wanye World (Not the rehase Wanye World 2) nothing going on this week end, I did listen to the NPR webcast of Sleater-Kinney last DC show on Aug. 3rd to make up the fact there last tour did not stop by in detroit or not in portland for the last S-K show here it was really good as they go out on top, Even Eddie Veter of Peral Jam was the pre-show.

Also on Saturday night i listen to the Cowboys & Indies on CJAM on-line and it was a good show becase they celeabarted the 20th annitversiry of the C86 Compilation tape by the NME, some would say it was the birth of the Britsh indie music scene, band on that comalation at the time was primal scream, might lemon drops, and the wedding present among others it was a good show so if you want to know about the history and the leagcey of the C86 Compilation go to
Wikipedia page on C86

or you can listen to the show aging at the C-JAM web sight at
and then click on MP3 archived
then Click August
then Click 12
Then 8:59 PM to 9:59 PM (show begin at 9:30 PM Part one, Part two 9:59 PM to 10:59 PM and part three 10:59 PM to 11:59 PM and if the show start late 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM on the 13)

as i start doing that post i am happy to infrom you that the full line up for 29th Dally in the Alley live and direct form Wanye State U at the street of Forster, Handcock, 2nd and 3rd in midtown detroit on Saturday, September 9, 2006, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and if those pesty T.V. Wheater Caster forcast Rain all Day which i hoped it dont happend it wil take place on on Sunday, September 10 same time.

and in a total surprized there only three stages not four Staged in years past, there the MAain stage (AKA the Forest Stage), The Garden Stage and the Full rock Alley Stage, Missing is the Urban Eletrocia stage which have been always take place on Second Street, Why there Now stage there i dont know i hoped i get detial on that.

This year Dally in the Alley will have 36 bands over the three stages the headlineers for each stage that would end it are on the Alley stage: SSM, one of the best rock band in the post Jack White Detroit music Scene, The headliner in the Garden Stage the one and only potied/singer/Songwriter Blair and the headliner on the main Forest Stage Brothers Groove, There is a lot of good band there so with no Dalay here is the full line up for Dally in the Alley 29:

And Dont forget as tratinot the music in the Dally dont begin on time

Forest Stage

11:30 AM Friends of the Family
12:30 PM Ralph Tope Jazz Band
1:30 PM Lola Moralis
2:30 PM Funkilinium
3:30 PM The Odessa Harris Group
4:30 PM Jessie Palter Quartet
5:30 PM PhiHharmonic Quartet
6:30 PM Diviniti
7:30 PM DJ Blackman
8:30 PM Jazzhead
9:30 PM Layabouts
10:30 PM Brothers Groove

Garden Stage

11:30 AM Tom Galasso
12:00 PM The Space Band
1:00 PM Ralph Koziarski and Howard Glazer
2:00 PM Corndaddy
3:00 PM Big Lake Trawler
4:00 PM The Syreens
5:00 PM Ethan Daniel Davidson
6:00 PM The Brakeman
7:00 PM The Pickups
8:00 PM Handsome Dan
9:00 PM The Saltminers
10:00 PM Blair

Alley Stage

11:30 AM Coup Detroit
12:20 PM The Variations
1:15 PM Anadonia
2:10 PM Space Heaters
3:00 PM I, Crime
4:00 PM Brave Rifles
5:00 PM Velveteen Rabbit
5:50 PM The Frustrations
6:50 PM The Decks
7:40 PM Aphonic
8:30 PM The Beggars
9:25 PM Human Eye
10:15 PM SSM

And dont forget i will begin covering the dally live and dirct and have the full report on sunday the 10th and if need be the 11th on this web sight
I can tell you it going to be fun on the 9th

Speaking of line up for one day music Festival or in this case Four days music Festival, Last week they annonced the line up for the Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats in downtown Pontiac On Labor Day weekend (Spet. 1 to the 4) and the national acts announced and to tell you the turth it sort of the stuff you listen to on some lite rock or the old Magic 97.1 back in the late 70's early 80's, you got a bunch of Country acts one hit wonders and the band that would not pleased the indie Kids

and here is the line up

AB&E Natiaon Line-Up

Sept. 1
5:30 p.m.: Randy Scott
7 p.m.: Chuck Mangione
8:30 p.m.: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
10 p.m.: Peformer TBA

Sept. 2
5 p.m.: Quincy Stewart
6 p.m.: Alexander Zonjic
8:30 p.m.: Ohio Players
10 p.m.: Cameo

Sept. 3
5 p.m.: Trigger Darlow
7 p.m.: Katrina Elam
8:30 p.m.: SHeDAISY
10 p.m.: Kenny Wayne Shepard

Sept. 4
1 p.m.: Persuasion
2:30 p.m.: Stewart Francke
4 p.m.: .38 Special
6 p.m.: Ziggy Marley

but hey kids all is not lost here the line-up for the local stages for Arts, Beats & Eats

The Detroit News / Comcast Stage

Friday, Sept. 1

5 p.m.: Four Deep
6 p.m.: The Red Rocks (2006 Battle of the Bands Champions)
7 p.m.: Killer Flamingos (2005 Sonic Summer Champions)
8-11 p.m.: Battle of the Bands
8-8:45 p.m.: Finalist Free Element
9-9:45 p.m.: Finalist The Prime Ministers
10-10:45 p.m.: The Thrid Finalist band in the Sonic Summer battle of the Band Contest

Saturday, Sept. 2

4 p.m.: Audra Kubat
5 p.m.: em-j Featuring Marissa Guzman
Electronic Music Night sponsored by Paxahau
6-8 p.m.: Andy Toth (D Records, Detroit)
8-10 p.m.: Chuck Flask (Paxahau, Detroit)
10-11 p.m.: Steve Bug (Pokerflat Recording, Hamburg)

Sunday, Sept. 3

Sponsored by WRIF--101.1
Noon-11 p.m. (exact set times TBA)
50 Cent Headrush
The Brian Schram Band
Dirty Americans
Inviting the Crash
Ashes of Soma
Paper Street Saints
Zug Island

Monday, Sept. 4

Sponsored by RIFF2
Noon: Dutch Pink
1 p.m.: Capitol Cities
2 p.m.: Wolfbait
3 p.m.: Grande Nationals
4 p.m.: Ghost City
5 p.m.: Koffin Kats
6 p.m.: Grayling

Dodge Mixed Stage

Friday, Sept. 1

5 p.m.: Urban Nomads
6 p.m.: Phil Treais
7 p.m.: Penumbrae
8 p.m.: Judy Harrison & High Impact
9 p.m.: Barb Payton

Saturday, Sept. 2

Noon: Barb Barrett
1 p.m.: TBA
2 p.m.: Horse Cave Trio
3 p.m.: Efe featuring Bambuti

And speaking about the Arts, Beats and Eats last thursday at the magic bag in Ferndale, Semi-Final gig no.2 in The Detroit News Sonic Summer a battle of the bands as three more bands battle it out to join Free Element(Who won Semi-Final gig no,1 at the Stick) in the fianl gig on sept. 1, The band playing at the Magic Bag: Detroit Classic Soul rockers Jiva, Berkley Power popster The Prime Ministers, And Dearborn Pop/rockers.

The Judge at the event was Willy Wilson, publicist for the Magic Bag, Kid Rock's DJ Paradime and Thomas Johnson of Effigy Studios. and at the end of the night the winners of seni-Final No.2 was a band who been doing this for a long, ong time From Berkley it the The Prime Ministers who will now play in the final gig at Arts, Beats and Eats on September 1st.

and let me go off the beaten path from music to TV as you proable know in the early days when i did test post on (Jan-Early May)i was following the one and omly season two of of the surprized hit of the summer of 2005 ABC-TV Danceing with the Stars where stars from other field try some that far lees dangest Champingship Ballroom dancing it was a hit aging this winter with millions voteing for Nick Lesha younger brother Drew lesha as the winner of a cheazzy mirror ball well get what it back aging Seired three of the smash ABC hit which is much better than Ametrica Idol will be back begin TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 at 8:00 p.m. with the reslut show the next day and this morning on good morning america they reviel the Full line-up for danceing with the stars, the dance card are:

Actress and teen idol from smash hit High School Musical MONIQUE COLEMAN
Country Music Award-winning and top-selling singing sensation SARA EVANS
Singing sensation and self-professed "bad girl of pop." WILLA FORD
Stunning film and television actress VIVICA A. FOX
Film and TV star and Husband of last year Countestant Lisa Rinna, HARRY HAMLIN
Actor and former teen heartthrob JOE LAWRENCE
Actor and TV host MARIO LOPEZ
National beauty queen, actress, model and reality television star SHANNA MOAKLER
An NFL legend and three-time Super Bowl champion EMMITT SMITH
And last of all Notorious TV talk show host and talk radio broadcaster JERRY SPRINGER

and the best part unlike early where i posted the next day i be blogging it live as it happend oh boy this is going to be fun.

and since i been slow for a whiled, Over the last week there have been a slew of new released in to the Culture city news desk by a myspace post, in the metrotimes of Real Detroit Weekly or our trush sourced so it you want to look below here is the list of new show in the Detroit area:

September 9th - The Avatars CD Release Party - The Belmont - Hamtramck
September 26th - Cursive - Majestic Theatre - Midtown Detroit
October 6th - Jenny Lewis and the Waston Twins - St. Andrews Hall - Downtown Detroit
Octuber 10th - TV On the Radio - St. Andrew Hall - Downtown Detroit
Octouber 13th - Regina Spektor - St. Andrew Hall - Downtown Detroit
Octber 14th - Bettie Serveert - Shelter - Downtown Detroit

and here are this week top 10 Movies

1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - $22,126,226
2. Step Up - $20,659,573
3. World Trade Center - $18,730,762
4. Barnyard: The Original Party Animals - $9,701,882
5. Pulse - $8,203,822
6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - $7,237,927
7. Miami Vice - $4,706,430
8. The Descent - $4,616,462
9. Zoom - $4,510,408
10. Monster House - $3,285,771

And the Wheater tommorrow
Sunny skies - High 83*F


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