Friday, August 18, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City with a look just in from Decemberists

Well i look like Strerogum have out scoop all the other blog for a sneak preview video and form word i hear could be late contender for the best album of 2006.

It from the Long a waited album for the Portland, Oregan, The Decemberists from there Forth album and Major lable debut(Capitol Records) The Crane Wife

It was produced by Chris Walla, and will be the band's first album on the Capitol Records label. An apparently unfinished version of "The Island" was played and briefly streamed on KEXP by Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger fame, but has since been taken down. Other than that and live versions of "O Valencia", "Summersong" and "Shankhill Butchers", none of the songs have yet been heard. Sons and Daughters, which are assumed to have inspired the last track's name, are a Scottish band that opened for The Decemberists for several dates on their tour for Picaresque.

The album was inspired by a Japanese folk tale, and will center around two song cycles, The Crane Wife and The Island.

if you want to get a warm-up you can get the other three released on Kill Rocks stars record at you favor indie store

Castaways and Cutouts(Hush 2002, Kill Rock Stars reissue in 2003)
Her Majesty the Decemberists (Kill Rock Stars, 2003)
Picaresque(Kill Rock Stars,2005)

and Now for the First time anywhere in a detroit base or Midwest base culture blog sight, it a behind the scene look at the picture shoot of the The Crane Wife and the video from there last album from Picaresque "16 Military Wives"

The Decemberists - Crane Wife Photo Shoot

Sixteen Military Wives - The Decemberists

and if you are wondering yes there will be a detroit Show November 7th at Clutch Cargo in Pontiac, MI and by the way the ticket is $21 dollars.

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