Friday, August 18, 2006

Film Gudie Friday

It now time for Film Gudie Friday your look at what is new in all screen in the metro Detroit area.

And if you think this week is big you are very, Very wrong this week big released was suppost to be way,way down the list six months ago but some how some way the internet, a star , and a line made it all happend, If was not for these four words

"Snakes on a Plane"

The Star is Samuel L. Jackson, the famous line have been used twice in the same line but i am curbtailing bad langued on this sight unless i used stlmb to cover up the M%^$&*-F#$&*) Word

It geting all the Internet hyped big time so i hoped to keep that momention in a pre-emtpy strike normal resevied for a bad Filme (read Pulse and the dud Zoom last week)New Line Cima is not showing it to films, the lesson see the films as a normanl joe or Jane and guess that did.

But they for got one thing :the Newspapers web sight

the two cirits in my main city which this blog sight is base have reviews

Tom Long - Detorit News: B, what else?
Jusssst 'Plane' crazy
'Snakes on a Plane' may be silly, witless humor, but what were you expecting?

"Snakes on a Plane" kicks asp.
Not that it is in any way a good movie. You will not be hearing "and the Oscar goes to 'Snakes on a Plane'" in this or any other lifetime.
But it is a great cheeseball of silliness, a 'B' movie that has enough sense to embrace its 'B'-ness and then squeeze, like a boa constrictor. It is intentionally sublimely ridiculous from beginning to end.

but Terry Lawson of the Free Press have two more word to the four Words
SNAKES ON A PLANE: Boo, hiss: one out of four

New Line/Warner Bros., having been handed a priceless asp in a ratty shoebox, have elected not to aim for either the B-movie jugular of “Red Eye” or the campy silliness of “Airplane!” Instead, they choose middle-of-the-road mediocrity, which leaves all those audience wisenheimers all-too-ready to unload with their own one-liners, with nowhere to spit.

Jackson, meanwhile, lets the rest of the passengers fly this plane until it’s time for him to let go with his f-bomb money-line, and take these snakes (some of who are way too computer-generated to have either menace or a major yuck factor) as a personal affront. “Snakes” was born dumb, but was then rendered ordinary.

But will let you be the judge of that

Other Non-leatle film also opening to
"Accepted": A comedy about a slacker teen who creates a university to attend to placate his parents. Rated PG-13.

The News: B-
Want dumb laughs? 'Accepted' has them
Comedy centers on a fake college, invented courses, hot chicks and plenty of foolishness.
Freep Press: 2 out of 4
Uneven 'Accepted' doesn't make the grade Avg : C-
Entertainment Weekly: B-
Accepted's winning dumbness and breezy bons mots save it..."
Chicago Tribune: C
"...a mildly funny PG-13 effort that is just dying to release an R- or unrated DVD version of itself."
USA Today: C
"Mostly, it wallows in partying with a capital P."
New York Post: D-
" the product of a community college filmmaking class, remedial division."
E! Online: F
"...our hero Long is like Ferris Bueller without the depth...

"Lower City": The story of a boxer, a stripper and a petty criminal on a road trip to El Salvador. Rated R.

Free Press: three out of four
Sex and uncertain Friend ship,
steany love triangle puts pals in a quanday

The only other movies beside snakes on a planes which was pre-plan by New line cinames it you thought that will get it review today but it was not was "Material Girls" staring Hilary and Haylie Duff meaning the teen queen era is almost over

Because of all this hyped of Snakes on a planes there is only one new flim at the Village Movies of the dame(AKA the Cinemark Movies 16 at the Unaversial mall in Warren, MI)
and that movie is

A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION is a far better movies then NACHO LIBRE

Next week new movies in wide releaes everwhere in detroit and everywhere else

Broken Lizard's latest comedy about American friends who stumble upon a secret beer-drinking championship in Germany.
(State police we may have extra cops for DWI after seeing this movie.)

How to Eat Fried Worms
The new kid in school makes a bet with the bully that he can eat 10 worms in a day. Based on the classic children's book.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi of OutKast star in a musical about two friends running a southern speakeasy in the 1930s.

Mark Wahlberg plays Vince Papale, an ordinary guy who got a shot at playing professional football for the Eagles.

But dont for get this weekend



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I normally trust Terry Lawson to be right, especially in his DVD column, but I'm stil holding out hope he simply had a bad day with this one ... there's no way it won't at least be tons of fun

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