Thursday, August 17, 2006

It Came From Late Night Music Club From Culture City with Rainer Maria

Tonight Enter in the post tonight is a band who is opened up for the Format tonight at St. Andrew Hall tonight, But if was'nt for my earwax problum i would go but i am claning out to slove a bad bug problum in the Office, ( i was told the exteranatar is coming on Friday.

The band that is opening for the format is Rainer Maria

a rock band originally from Madison, Wisconsin, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. They are categorized in the emo/screamo/indie rock genre of music, and defined by MTV as an "emo trio." Named after the German-language poet Rainer Maria Rilke, they formed in the late summer of 1995 and have released four full length albums, a live DVD, and numerous live recordings and EPs. The ambiguity of the name Rainer Maria matches their male and female vocal lineup. Singer Caithlin De Marrais and guitarist Kyle Fischer have had a romantic relationship in the past.

that what fuld there last CD the very awsome Long Knives Drawn in 2003

there are surrpoting Catastrophe Keeps Us Together but i am going to played a video from Long Knives Drawn the very mystery video "ear Ring" which is set in a diner and asking the question Who Betty and did betty did the band in.

Just look at the video and find out.

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