Sunday, August 13, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Culb From Culture City
With For the Final Time Sleater-Kinney

If you Check Out the Last post last night Late Night Music Club post was Sleater Kinney who as i speak are playing there Final ever show ever at the Crystal Ballroom
in there Hometown in Portland, OR.

I Think i ran out of nice things to say about one of the best ever band i have seen in a long, Long time, Newxt to the White stripes, The Von Bondies, The Dirthbombs, the yeah,yeah,yeahs, Sloan, Metric, Sonic youth, SSM, The Kills, The Raveoness, The Organ, Rainer-Marira, Dressy Bessy, Le Tiger, Fran Freanida, Relo Kiely, the Firer Furniccens and the first band or artiest i ever got to see live Juliana Hatfield.

I have to say in my almost eight years of follow the live scene no matter how i got there, it was so much fun to see these Three Lady light up the stage not because there all pretty and all cute, But they know how to put out a very good rock show periord.

So on behalf of myself and the detroit Culture Scene, I just want to say thank you for all the wonderfull albums, for all the wonderful song and for all the wonderful show from The Now Defunk Zoot Coffeehouse, to the Magic Stick, to the Majstick Thrater to your last ever Detroit show in October at the St.Andrew Hall in Detroit, I hoped what ever you do Next is wonderful down the road as this long period in Indie Culture History

Thanks you Sleater-Kinney
For Rocking My World but all of Detroit Rock City.

A hello from the Girls


"You're No Rock N Roll Fun"



Jumpers - Live On the Late Show With Dave Letterman

Early S-K Playing "Dig Me Out" at CBGB (1997)
SOng start at 2:35

"I Want To Be Your Joey Ramone" - Live CBGB (1997)

"Rollercoaster" - Live Portland ,OR - Dec 30, 2005

"The Hot Rock" - Live at Webster Hall

If you want to know the Full History of the Band
you can read there history at

Or More From there web sight at
or there Myspace page at

Or to make up the fact they did not play Detroit in there last tour have a arcived webcast of there last D.C. Show on Aug.3
by Clicking Here.

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