Monday, March 26, 2007

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I know it late Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning

but as i was doing Post 2 of my weekly sister site the Sound Crash, i read this letter from the lead singer of the Arcade Fire, Win Bulture posted on the diary on the band web sight[which it was posted on]:

Hello Friends,

I am backstage at the venue in Oslo and I just had to make the very sad decision to cancel the rest of the European tour. I have been suffering from a sinus and bronchial infection for the last 3 months, and last night in Stockholm I finally pushed my voice and body farther than they are able to go. Last night I kept yelling at the monitor guy because I didn't recognize the sound that was coming out of the monitor as my own voice, and it took me until the second song to realize that the sound was coming from me. Today I can barely speak, or make any sound, so finishing the shows is no longer possible.

I have had several doctors advise me to cancel shows weeks ago, and I have been trying to push through, but for my own health and safety I need to have sinus surgery so I can get better and start the recovery process. We are all very sad, because we were very much looking forward to playing these shows, and we could not imagine canceling a show unless it was physically impossible to do. We apologize to the fans that have been waiting to see us, and we promise to try and come back as soon as it is humanly possible...

We would like to thank everyone who has been coming to the shows, and the outpouring of love and support for our music that we have felt. Wish me luck with the doctors,

And see you soon



That mean that win have push far as he can go and because of that he can not sing and wrost yet his brother and band mate Will said on his web Diary "Win is sicker than a brick" and then he gave his "specific regret" to each and every city that the Band that was going on tour from Copenhagen, Denmark to Lille, France even to the opening act "Electrelane"

There Next Date will be April 26 at in San Diego just before they played Cocahella in April 28th, Where there praying that Win will be fully heal by then.

The Closest they will come to Detroit will be May 15th and 16th at Toronto Massey Hall and May 18th, 19th, and 20th at the Famed Chicago Theater in Chicago.

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