Monday, March 26, 2007

Stolen Gear Atler

we have a local band who lost it bass gitar

From Desolation Angels' bass player...

Keep your eyes and ears open.

I lost my bass on Saturday Night at the Double O pub in Redford.

it's a Ernie Ball Musicman Sting Ray.
the serial number is E86484
It has huge stickers on it reading KCA 89
It has 3 ford Emblems on it.

It was in a musicman hardshell case. I had to rush out of the bar for a small emergency. I left the bass by the doorway outside.

Now it is gone.
Please ask everyone and anyone associated with the bands
Hoppin' Mad, The Arrogant Bastards, or CL1 (from toledo)
and their fans if they know anything.
Hell, i'll reward whoever brings it back to me, or sends it to me.
I just want it back.

Please call 248 982 4528 as soon as possible.

Repost this, and help me out. Please.

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androo said...

Added this instrument to my stolen gear log at StolenGear.Org Click on "Report"


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