Monday, March 26, 2007

Culture City Extra

A little real time perform Film From
that was posted on almost every blog
today it is posted from the French video podcast
La Blogothèque, it is called The Take Away Shows.

That were take a band and put them in a unusual, urban environment and Film them in real time live as it happend

i decide to put the video not only i like the band but how i like how it was shot too as the Montreal band and one of My fave this year "the Arcade Fire" film in real time in Paris which was film before win call off the whole tour because win loss his voice [
read story from last night}

they perform two song one was "The title track to the "Neon Bible" in the elevator none of less and take to the crowd as they played "Wake Up"

This Short film is very good and very amazing and you would be asking yourself how can you fit eight member in one elevator whiled playing

Pleased enjoy.

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