Monday, March 26, 2007

The Gig Gudie Extra

Part three

As you proable know last thursday WDET-FM wack it remaining good D.J. from the in Favor for can news, as this is bad news for detroit radio meaning there is no good music station on FM radio.

One of show beging let go is "Alternate Take" with Liz Copeland as here 12 year run is about to come to a end, as on of the last good DJ in the Detroit area as she leave the booth for the last time.

I have more to say about Liz, but i will hold it off untill Friday just before i go to a gig on Friday night.

But, i did E-mail liz before the Friday after it was announce she was let go to find out what she would put on her last shows and i have not her back from her because she have been swamp with a lot of E-mail about her departer from WDET-FM it would be undersating she would not write back.

but i did find a list of special event on her own web sight {] for the last week of her show and a special letter from here to here listers:

Monday -
The Weekly Album Spotlight
Monday night/Tuesday morning at 1am
March 27th: John Peel: Fabriclive. 07 (Fabric)

Description From

John Peel has collected countless awards and many honorary degrees. He lives in Suffolk with his wife, Sheila, and broadcasts regularly from his home, Peel Acres. His long-time friend and producer John Walters (who sadly passed away last year) regarded him as 'the single most important figure in popular music of the last 25 years.' Together they made some of the most ground-breaking radio of an era. John has chosen 24 tracks for this unique collection from The Velvelettes, The Fall, The Datsuns, The Soledad Brothers, Jimmy Reed, Act 1, Bad Livers and more. The disc is housed in a deluxe metal tin. Fabric. 2002.

focus v62: The Best of Detroit Techno
Beginning at 1am with guest co-host Clark Warner
Wednesday night/Thursday morning, March 29th

Letter From Liz

My dear friends,

As many of you know, Alternate Take will end its run on WDET on Friday night/Saturday morning, March 31st. WDET has shifted its programming emphasis to primarily news and information.

I have so far received an astonishing number of heart-wrenching messages regarding this change. I would like to thank you for your support and kindness. You must know this: WDET could not have sustained this radio program without you – whether if it was by spreading the word, giving feedback or insight, sending music, volunteering or by giving a dollar.

In the final days of Alternate Take on WDET, I would like to celebrate what has been nearly 12 years of adventurous radio programming in a unique venue. This will involve one final album spotlight, a final FOCUS, special guests – and, of course, a whole lot of gratitude. I invite you to join me, either in real time or OnDemand. The ability in professional radio to celebrate these last days and to properly thank those that have made this possible is a rare occasion indeed. Those final nights run all this week (Monday through Friday evenings AKA Tuesday through Saturday mornings), concluding on Friday night/Saturday morning, March 31st. I also invite you to join my friends Chuck Horn (Seventh Journey), Mick Collins (Night Train), W. Kim Heron and Ralph Valdez as they sign off of the WDET airwaves one last time.

As a good friend and radio veteran has told me, when one door closes, another opens. For 12 years (a lifetime in radio), I have been determined enough to continue to be energized by radio in the wee hours. I have learned much, yet feel as if I’ve just begun. As I investigate new methods of connecting the music with its fans in a relevant fashion, I am optimistic that its reach could have more of an impact than ever before. I will keep you updated on developments through this website and its mailing list [please sign up if you haven't yet].

I am grateful that we have been a part of this together. Now, let’s look to the future.

Thank you for being out there.

liz copeland

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