Friday, March 30, 2007

I decide to take some space from this blog sight
to give my appertican to one of my fave DJ ever to grace the Detroit air waves

as you probable know tonight of as some would like to called it Tonight/Early Morning is the last show of Liz Copeland on WDET-FM as the station move to be listen by no one as the station still think the news adduced is more important that the music fans that fill this great city.

i got to tell you the first time i listen to her was back in 1996 or 1997 i was listen to Ralph Valdez at 10 P.M. on some Monday Night Long Before i even have a blog i have my foot in the door of the indie music scene, if was a few months before i decide to go out on the town.

I was listen to the show because back then the poetry scene was center around the city of Hamtramck where the Scene had Explode with the monthly poetry reading at the RoadRunner Raft, which was highlight by the Monthly poetry slam and every Monday Night on his show he would have a poet on the show, i stay tuned on that show.

But i like all of you forgot to turn off my radio and i listen to the next prison on the station and that person have and nice spunky voice and very cool and sweet.

I met person back in 1998 or 99 after see her as a red head in HOUR Detroit in a good profile for the magazine [OK, it not red, but i look that way] I met here at a art festival at the planet Ant theater in Hamtramck and got to meet her and talk to here and she was a good talker about music and what is going on in Detroit.

I have talk her a lot over these last 10 years that i know here, i talk to her
about everything from new music to what is going to play on the weekly album spotlight feather to to life in the City.

I got to tell you, i was mot the only one Liz have enjoy a cult Following for years as one of the best DJ in all of metro detroit as she been name on the best host on radio by the Metrotimes, the Detroit News, The Free Press, and Real Detroit Weekly.

Her Absent from the Detroit airwaves will be greatly Affect as there is No good Detroit radio station left Expect for C-jam.

And for those of you who will say some things like Liz is Boring, or Liz is not nice or she deserve to get Ax, Let me say one thing.

Liz is one of the most nicest, most Coolest person you ever want to meet and she have gave up many gig nights of a lot of good show to played what is new and Fresh and sound cool to get the people like my stuff who is sick and tried of the same old crap the we are Begin force feed almost every thinking that we are Mikey and say we we like it but to tell you the truth it suck.

She Played what the people what to heard in Detroit Rock, she like the music and what to she it to the people and she will bounce back for this 12 year ride.

So i want to say to Liz and her husband Clark Kellog and the Other D.J. who got let now and yesterday Ralph Valdez, Chuck Horn, Mick Collins, W. Kim Heron, Judy Adams, Martin Bandyke, and Willie Willson, thank you for playing the song that is support to be on the radio and i hoped you are heard aging on Detroit Radio

Not on DET, But Some where

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