Thursday, July 03, 2008

Live and Local Review - 2008 Comerica Cityfest


Welcome to Soak cityfest

For the first time in almost Seven years i have been caught in a real bad storm at a major outdoor music gig, as it rain and rain and rain all night long as the entire SE Michigan area as well as the New Center Area as the rain made impossible to do the rest of the night.

before i left for cityfest all the weather people did say it was going to rain late in the night you know it was going to be bad when radar was showing Thunder storm coming up in the Detroit area and i thought the was like the office was going to flood aging for the second time in a week.[Which it did not, Thank god.]

The Sky began to turn dark around the 6:30-7 PM i was at the main stage watching Detroit News Battle of the band winner "Avienne" in the middle of the set i saw a lot of cloud lighting [not the ground lighting] and i thought it would get bad pretty quick, but it it hold it own and it did not rain until the last song of there set where it begin to drizzle.

it began to rain and i was only thing one thing go inside the biggest complex with a long walkway under ground, i went in the Fisher Building to ride out the storm during the nearly two hours as it began to rain heavy many of the people who was there begin filing in to get away from the rain and not only that get away from the lighting.

I Went downstairs to the Clubhouse bar which is located downstairs in the Fisher building, i went to check of there any radar show how bad the weather was but a present surprise the TV have "So you think you can Dance" on and the local Fox Station WJBK-TV have a little mini map with live radar and it was raining all over and i was thinking there is no way they can get off the rest of the night

During the long wait for any word of when it going to clear up the four bands Magic Shop, The Dead Bodies,The Hentchmen, and The Silent Years got in contact with the good folks at the magic stick to book a last minutes gig for those who got rain out, but since there was a band already playing at the stick the only other place to play was the Garden Bowl and they play it the the dining lobby.

by 9:30 PM know the day was a total loss everybody who was at the fisher they made it way to the magic stick, the worst part about that we did not get word if the whole day cancelled but judging by the radar it was, but knowing there is four more day of this to go but the good news it will be in better weather.

as for the music before the rain i did see two band at city fest, Former Sirens Aran Ruth play her mellow down solo set as she play a nice folk pop which was nice on the ears and not only that she look very old school dress in 1940's dress.

and my opinion the band i saw the South Lyon band and winner of this year Detroit News Battle of the band Avienne, i thought they was good but some they sound too close to all the bad radio and overproduce song i hear all the time, one of my personal highlights was have one song warp around "the Verve" "Bitter Sweet Symphony" which i thought was cool.

After about two hours of waiting it out and going from Fisher to Northern Lights for a short time and a couple of attempt i did get to the stick as i did catgut the last song from The Magic Shop Steve newaur brand new band. i only got to see the last two band "The Dead Bodies" who i thought was good and the best buzz band in Detroit right now "The Silent Years" who did a great get with a crazy finish in the end let me tell you this band will be fun to watch in the years to come.

well i going to finish up now licking my wound and drying out for day two.

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