Thursday, July 03, 2008

Today live at Cityfest with tonight 4Cast

As you know if you where there last night

The Wednesday portion of city fest was total wash out big time with a lot of rain pouring in the SE Michigan area and let me tell you it was not pretty form going to point A to point B in rain that won't stop.

So that mean Bump,NOMO and the star of this main stage Hip hop De La Soul was cancelled and worst De La Soul had to fly out of town so you can forget De La Soul, but "The Magic Shop", "The Hentchmen", "The Dead Bodies" and "The Silent Years" all relocated for a last minutes show at the The Garden Bowl inside the magic stick.

all dought last night was a total washout, Cityfest continued and the good news it will not rain for the rest of the weekend so there is clear sky all around, so that mean Broken Social Scene still OK for Friday Night.

and According to the Unofficial Official wheater page of all culture City the Local4caster from WDIV, don't worried it will be clear from 6 to Midnight [it closed at 11 PM] with temp at 72 and dropping to around 60 by night end.

And Now the line-up


By Stage

MotorCity Casino Hotel Stage presented by The Detroit News

7 p.m.: Tally Hall
8:30 p.m.: The Zombies featuring Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent

Jazz & Blues Stage

Noon: Foody's R&B Classic Showcase

4 p.m.: Shiron Denise & Point Blank
6:30 p.m.: Mikhal Caldwell Trio
9 p.m.: Grupo Fantasma

Pure Detroit Stage

3 p.m.: MonicaBlaire's Detroit Groove Gumbo with Mike Agent X Clark, Khary Kimani Turner, Gain Green and many more

New Center Park Stage

6 p.m.: Duende!
7 p.m.: Scarlet Oaks
8 p.m.: The Readies
9 p.m.: The Volebeats

By Time

MCC = MotorCity Casino Hotel Stage presented by The Detroit News
J&B = Jazz & Blues Stage
PDS = Pure Detroit Stage
NCP = New Center Park Stage

J&B - Noon - Foody's R&B Classic Showcase
J&B - 3:00PM - Foody's R&B Classic Showcase
PDS - 3:00 PM til 11:00 PM - MonicaBlaire's Detroit Groove Gumbo
J&B - 4:00 - Shiron Denise & Point Blank
J&B - 5:30 PM - Shiron Denise & Point Blank
NCP - 6:00 PM - Duende!
J&B - 6:30 - Mikhal Caldwell Trio
MCC - 7:00 PM - Tally Hall
NCP - 7:00 PM - Scarlet Oaks
J&B - 8:00 PM - Mikhal Caldwell Trio
NCP - 8:00 PM - The Readies
MCC - 8:30 PM - The Zombies Featuring Colin Blunston & Rod Argent NCP - 9:00 PM - The Volebeats
J&B - 9:00 PM - Grupo Fantasma
J&B - 10:30 PM - Grupo Fantasma

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