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Live and Local Review - 2008 Comerica Cityfest

Please ignore all the other stuff it just the News Opening

JULY 3rd, 2008

Yo Kevin, Don't Cancelled us, bro

Last night was the big night to see a band that i would have paid on every other night would paid 20 bucks to see at any other gig in Detroit area. but since it was a July 4th holiday we were the lucky one to see on of the best collective in all of Canada, it was the best gig that have all be waiting for, it the must fun we have all real fans was having a fun time, it was one of the well know alt. bands around and at the end of the gig it was a great show that almost did not happened.

Yes, of all the gigs that would not cancelled in a major Detroit gig fest it would be the Broken Social Scene the popular Toronto group almost most pulled out in the last second when lead frontman Kevin Drew the mastermind of this big band who can range anywhere from 5 to 27 member woke up with a bad back he went to his cairoparther later in the morning and it was found to have a mid to lower back he took a pain killer and thought of Scrubbing the whole gig.

But Kevin drew did not want to disappoint his fans who have seen BSS, those who have not seen BSS [this blogger included] and those who came all away from there home country Canada did the show as he put it like a 72 year old man.

The band ran thought there select cut from there three recorded albums Feel Good Lost (2001), You Forgot It in People (2002), and there breakout album Broken Social Scene[2005] and well as some of there show case album Broken Social Scene Presents... Kevin Drew - Spirit If... (2007)and Broken Social Scene Presents... Brendan Canning - Something For All Of Us... (2008).

They play there well know songs like "Stars and Sons", "Pitter Patter Goes My Heart", and "Cause = Time", "Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl" and "Lover's Spit".

i also have a fun time hearing listen "Fire Eye'd Boy" from the last album which was well played and not only that to warp up there set which took over a ninety minutes did a acoustic version of there one of my fave song "Almost Crimes" from "You Forgot It in People" which was a very good version.

you have to give to Kevin Drew and his band mates for showing and playing the gig thought out the pain Kevin was felling because it this gig was a no go it wouldn't be good coming of the heavy rains force Cancelled gig of De La Soul and that would have not been good and if you wondering there was seven members and no female member of the B.S.S. so no Feist[who i saw back in April at the Fillmore], No Amy Millan[who i saw play a great show at the Crofoot ballroom back in Late March.]and no Emily Haines [who i have seen more times then any of the ladies of the BSS, four times(3 with her main band "Metric"and one with her backing band "The Soft Skelintion)]

Lucky i got to see "Broken Social Scene" whole set start to finish[which by the way was introduce by Magic Bag Booker and a DJ we miss hearing on Detroit Radio] before that i was listen on the park stage to a local collective which been getting a lot of local buzz as of late "The Four Hours Friend"

The Group fronted by Dale Wilson and his pretty as a picture Girlfriend Jenna Cook and Ex-Ghost City member Stephen Palmer the band played a very good 45 minutes set of atl rock Country it was great to see live i may even ask them to played one of my culture city live DJ Nights, and there great to listen to.

also i saw Eddie Baranek and his new dirty bluegrass band Called "Shotgun Wedding" who i thought was good but you have to understand if you every read this site from the start i am not a big country fan expect if i hear some Devin Scivan play on my CD player.

i was mostly tired from the night before where "the dials" play at the Belmont and not only that was doing a Wrap up from last night and there was a period i was tried and sleepy and worst one of my close bar friend was having a picnic on the 4th of july but i have to go to cityfest, but i did come back did taste the food but i was full with in 30 minutes and fell for the rest of the night. Ouch!

Two more days to go and on most Saturday in years past i would be looking forward for music line up but promoter handed over daylight to Disney and worst got us Aly and A.J..

But Don't worried Culture City Warriors there will be good music Today from the like of Calexico, The Muggs,Zoos of Berlin,and news sound from Great Lakes Myth Society,Silverghost and a new i have been waiting to see because of a great name Lightening Love so the day is not lost.


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