Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Weather Forcast for Comerica CityFest

O.K. let got to the Unoffical Offical Weather Station of all of culture city
The Local4casters [WDIV-TV/NBC 4] and look at the weather for the Next five days for the hugh mid-week gig fest which begin tomorrow.

It Comerica City Fest live and local from detroit New Center over five days during the fourth of July Holiday there is over 60 band will play in four stages and it going to be good.

Playing at City Fest in the headlining stage will be De La Soul, Tally Hall,Calexico
,and two of the biggest names at the main stage George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and Broken Social Scene [woo who]

also playing there will be The Silent Years,Amino Acids,The Hentchmen
,Scarlet Oaks,Four Hour Friends,The Muggs,Silverghost,Lightning Love,Great Lakes Myth Society,Cetan Clawson,Thunderbirds Are Now!,S.S.M.,American Mars and much much more.

So this is a Outdoors gig you are probable wondering one question how the weather be during the five days of Cityfest.

Well let say if you hoping for a Down pour during the Ally and A.J., i hate to say this it not going to happened, Rats

According to the local4caster it will be nice thought out the whole five days during of cityfest, the only real blip will be Thursday where there will be a early showers and storms on Thursday morning but the rest of the day will be fine with temp at 80's

So there is no need to worried this City Fest

the Five day 4 Cast
from WDIV-TV

Wednesday - Ahead of an approaching cold front, expect the day to be a little on the humid side as southwest breezes pick up - 86°
Thursday - A few lingering showers and storms are possible early Thursday morning. Otherwise, look for skies to clear out during the day as a cold front passes through the area and exits to the east - 72°
Friday - Mostly sunny and mild - 76°
Saturday - Mostly sunny and warmer - 82°
Sunday - The weather will continue to warm up, with highs reaching the mid-80s under partly cloudy skies - 84°

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