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Live and Local Review - 2008 Comerica Cityfest

JULY 3rd, 2008

The Day One Do Over

Welcome to Day two of Comerica Cityfet or is it Day one.

Last Night was the first real Good Day of the midyear music/food/culture/shopping event in Detroit New Center Area after Wednesday night heavy down pour that wiped out the night entertainment and force NOMO and De La Soul to cancelled there gig and force Four band who were going to play the Pure Detroit and Park Stage to the Garden Bowl inside the Magic stick.

After a full 14 hours later with a little Drying out, a little sleep and a little Chang of Clothes we go back to W. Grand Bvld. and 2nd St. for night two and this was a decent line up Not a big form the wash up night one but good.

During the wait For the music to begin i check out the offend during the Cityfest including a display of the NASCAR event at Indy speedway for there Late July "Brickyard 400" i got some cool trading ad cards and there was a Sharp display of the New HDTV which we may need for the Digital TV Crossover in February 2009 and i got a chapinoo sampler at the Starbucks van.

The Night Big act was on the main stage when "The Zomibe" a old 60's band From the UK feathing Colin Blunstone on lead vocals and Rod Argent on keyboards and vocals, now i was not expecting much i was thinking to say around for a few song and go to the park stage, but the old timers who been around since the 60's keep me in the whole time.

The band know how to play a great song into building up the song adding drama to the song climaxing to end they even got in some of the youngster in to the gig and not only that there was into it.

Other band i like was Danny Kroha brand new band "The Readies" and i got to tell this band is really better than his other well know band "The Gories" and "The Demolition Doll Rods" the band played there a monder old school Rock and roll, the songwriting is that good and it played out really well, to show you way Danny Kroha is a true Survier of the Detroit Scene.

Also playing a great at the park stage is the rock band "Scarlet Oaks" who is so great live and as they make there so more rock more than country and not only than then drummer noelle christine is still a great drummer and there good

Now because of time other distraction and other gig i only saw part of other bands, i saw a little bit of "Tally Hall" from Ann Arbor who was O.K. they would sound better it was only inside, also saw part of local rock band Duende! with there Western psychedelic sound, i thought they was good nothing special, and i did see the last band on the park stage "The Volebeats" i only saw three songs from them from the band that feather Matt Smith i think they was good, but i have to leave Cityfest to go to the Belmont to see the Dials playing on the same night[Dials review will come after Cityfest.]

So two day, three more to go and i got to tell you it will be a big free Social Scene on the parking lot when Broken Social Scene play to the crowd and it going to be fun.

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