Monday, July 31, 2006

After the Worst slow week ever on this blog sight i am beging fresh on this blog sight but i will only doing three day this post, 8-1 post, and a short 8-4 post i do have the usual wednesday off and also this thursday off as well, It my Birthday this week so i will rest on thursday and wont do a blog.

was a uneventful weekend as always and it going to be a unevent week with temp up in the 90's with heat index up to 104° so i hoped you have somer good AC or a very well cool Basement room where i am doing my blog from.

The only good thing i forgot to do this weekend is to see Ghost City at the Belmont so i miss my chance to see Tait from E6 and his band but i thought i miss seeing Jasper who write his own web blog call it a small indie rock blog base out of detorit as well.

The first time i have hear of well in the first weeks of this blog sight a very nice girl name Stephanie for her Craft blog who say You're turning into the new motorcityrocks!(That is a live and local Music Blog) and Jasper shot her back by saying No he's not.

So i found his blog and his also cover local music from inside and out side the 313 and it a very good web sight because he cover all the same music i like as well, so I got to the belmont at about 1:10 PM or 1:15 PM and after i said hello to the Magicial bass player Lenna Metro and her BoyFriend (yes guys she have a boyfriend) so i saw stephen palmer and he interduce me to Jasper and after talking to him he is a very nice guy who is so passion about his music as me, we talk about the scene, who the best new bands in the post jack White era and the Muse show(which he told me was awsome live), and other thing he a very nice kid i hoped i bump into him more othen as he go to show and report on his blog sight

Jasper(who by the way is not his real name, but at his request told me not to used his real name, so i wont)told his is going to Lollapalooza in Chicago this week so i hope his will give a report from the scene this weekend.

And also tell you that the big problem when doing any blog sight if your at a gig or a event is if you can find some with a internet Connection, or i have been ask the question can you take your wireless laptop to you well that pose a risk as well becaues you do mot want to lose it or worse off get it ripped off, so us blogger have a visual memory of what happend a the gig of the Event or i used the old tool of reporter every where the Notebook which is very helpful and with tool like Camera and video editing you can upload report to youtube or google video, so it may take hours or weeks to do a report, but you read about it somewhat.

Now this week big show in all of the Tri-Country area is The Raconteurs first ever Show in the S.E. Michigan Area Since Jack White from the Group with Brendan Benson
and Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler of The Greenhornes and also playing the Keyboard on tour is Dean Fertita of The Waxwings, This will also be the first gig for Jack White since leaving Detorit for Nashville, TN (Which is now where he live now)and it was kind of a suprized when the band pick a Ann Arbor veneu for for there first ever gig insted a venue in Detroit.

Because it you been reading the detroit press Jack relationshipo with the whole detroit did not end well, hi-lighted by the suceess the Jack Other band the White Stripes and all the bad vibe from the many books about the rise fo the stripes incling "Fell in love with the band" by former Metro Times Music Writer and Radio Fever Chirs Handside,The Fight in the 313 with Von Bondies Front Man Jason Stollsteimer and The Recenly Royalty trial with Producer Jim Diamond(Which he recenly won back in June).

But his past problum did not matter because the show sold Out in recored time in less then two weeks, Now this old scholl guy would like to go the Show, but the gig in Ann Arbor, It look like all the good shows have been in Ann Arbor this year with bands like The Raconteurs, Tilly and the wall, Mates of State.

But so many people goes to gig in a college town anyway, so if you going to The Raconteurs show or any cool show in Ann Arbor for the First time Here Some driving Direction if you are going to ann arbor, Using
google Maps i type in the address Jack White last play in the SE Michigan area(Oct.2,2005) The Adress of the Masonic Temple Theatre at 500 Temple St just Northwest of Downtown Detroit,and typed the address of the Michigan Theater at 603 E Liberty St in Downtown Ann Arbor.

Now i know there will be big talk because there two freeways that goes from Downtown Detroit to Ann Arbor(I-94 and I-96) so google Maps gave reslult to Ann Arbor by using I-96 so i will used that.

(Note From Google: These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, or other events may cause road conditions to differ from the map results.)

the Jorney begin by going a 1/4 of a mile from west from Temple St
Then the trip take a short right to The Lodge Freeway (193 ft)
and Take the M-10 North ramp(1.2 mi)to
the I-94 West ramp to Chicago -(1.3 mi)
Then go for a short distance(0.1 mi)to the I-96 exit 213B to Bridge to Canada/Lansing
And then the long fun begin as you Take the I-96 West ramp to Lansing now that go for 18 miles so you will have alot of time to kill during that time like listen to The last White stripes CD "Get Behind Me Satan" or The Raconteurs CD "Broken Boys Soliders", but dont worried you will not find any wrong turn so you meet up with a dead end town with a wax museum i hoped they dont have a wax sculptures of Paige Edwards now that would be scary(this is a memtion of the 2005 remake the horried movie "House of Wax" which star the doing nothing Paris Hilton who played Paige Edwards).
now after the long drive from on 96 then you take M-14 West toward Ann Arbor/Toledo that will take you andeor 15 miles and in that time if you have a proable dvd play you can see a brun DVD copy of Mihcigan/Seaton Hall game that michigan won on Free Throws in 1989.
Once you pass the Domino Pizza HQ your almost there to Ann Arbor now the trip take you to the end.
Now you in Ann Arbor Continue on US-23 North for 2 miles
Then Take 1/2 miles to the M-14 exit 45 to Ann Arbor
Then Merge into M-14 West/US-23-BR South Which last a mile
Then a Short Drive (1/4 of a mile)from US-23-BR exit 3 to Downtown Ann Arbor
once there Go right for a Mile at N. Main St
Continue on S Main St and Turn left at E Liberty St
And you have arried at the Michigan Theater at 603 E Liberty St in Downtown Ann Arbor

Now i know this is the Route from I-96, But there are some other routes to ann arbor like using 94, if you know other route for Detroit to Ann Arbor please E-mail me at, and if you are going to the show pleased leave your reviews so i will posted on the blog sight.

And One More Note on The Raconteurs Were about a month to The 2006 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 31 and the Band Music will be will provide the show's "soundtrack" During the show, and speaking about the video music show on a channel that dont show music video anymore they gave out the nominateds for that show and after the belly flop of two years in a row in Miami, there back in New york City at Radio City Music Hall to see who got the non and the full list of the nominations after the local News bits.

gig News now and if Dave Chappelle willk get a good house for his 7:30 show hey why not book a 10:30 for the same night, Olympia Entertainment announced today that a second show has been added at 10:30 p.m. to see comedian Dave Chappelle at Detroit's Fox Theatre on Friday, August 18.

Tickets for the 10:30 PM show Friday, August 4 and ticket will be the same rpice as the 7:30 Show ($43, $53 and $63).

but if you like to rock we have some good news, a few weeks back it was announced the Norwgin band Serena Maneesh who will begin a US Fall tour on September 8th in NYC at Bowery Ballroom, and yes they will played Detroit, we know the date September 14th but we did not know where there playing, Now we do a posting on the magic stick web sight say there playing the stick on September 14th at the stick. cover on that day will be $8 and Film School will opend for them.

also playing the stick on November 22th the detroit cobras.

And Now with a month to go untill katie make here debut on the CBS Evening News, It now time to go out side the for the low fuff news and no it does not involed Mel Gibson begin arrested for D W IIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........, or Lindsay Lohan party all night and begin late for a Movie shot puting the whole movie injepoard, it the stuff MTV will not cover, it all the indie News that is fit to pring on a blog sight, it news out side the 313.

And yes MTV Who will not memtion there 25 tommorrow meaning they care more of what happending on My Super Sweet 16 and the Real World: Key West in prime time tommorrow then memtion 25 years ago they play music video all the time and in 1984 did a awards show to hourns the music video announced the nominations for The 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and the two big winners with the most one of them i like The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Dani California" and Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" lead with seven Nons apeice Madonna received four nominations for "Hung Up,"video, newcomers Panic! At the Disco "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" also got for apeice and also geting four was Christina Aguilera, whose "Ain't No Other Man," from album "Back to Basics" which in mot even release yet.

the show will have the fore mention the Raconteurs, It will also have Justin Timberlake, the Killers, Beyonce, the Raconteurs, Panic! At the Disco, T.I. and Ludacris, I can smell boring all over and there not in Miami(Which last year Mtv show was at matbe because all the Hurricanes coming this ways)

And for the first time the viewers will cast the votes for ever catgory(Ouick can you say Ohio all over)

The Show will aired on Thursday Augest 31.

And Speaking of MTV turning 25 as the people who run MTV can remember Augest 1, 1981, the people at VH1 Classic remember realey well tomorrow The Classic Music Video Channel will re-air the First Day at Midnight.

And if you want more the Surving DJ of MTV first six years 1981 to 1986 which the last MTV DJ Exit stage right will talk about the early days of Mtv the hour Chat will aired on Sirius Radio Big 80's channel (ch.8)at 10:00 am ET reboardcast at 4 pm and 9 pm ET, Wednes morning at 3 am ET.

And By the way the Surving MTV VJ if you want to know Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn who like everone who did not have MTV had a crush on Martha Quinn alright i was 8 years old at the time but she was cool and she would still Be welcome by the indie underground scene still today 25 years later.

Speaking of which if video kill the radio star and realled TV Kill MTV and video on the internet kill MTV in the US, then the dozen of music video channel and the internet in the UK killed top of the pops which aired it last ever show last night and the last show set a record by geting 4 millions viewers in the uk Three times as much what they were geting (just at a millions), but most reviews were disapoiting Co-host by the first host DJ Jimmy Savile it was mostly a clip show hilighting the show 42-years history as he was flank with alot of old co-host many of them you dont evn know.

The Last ever No.1 on top of the pops was Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" ft. Wyclef.
After that Sir Jimmy deliver his classic line "Don't forget it's still number one, it's still Top of the Pops".

After that he was walking back stage with a sad look as he turn off the light for the last time for a show that was recorded last wednesday, But beleved of not the orginial plan was the last show to seen Live but Sir Jimmy could not do the programme on that date because he is Honorary Chieftain of the Lochaber Highland Games which was this weekend.

Now with other News that is Not MTV 25 or MTV VMA of TOTP releated

Detial have emerge of the Solo debut of Matric Front woman Emily Haines which tool four years in the making but a death of a death of a parent and a long touring schedule with Metric keep the release from happend it will be released as "Knives Don't Have Your Back" on September 26 on Last Gang Records, she will have a backing band that will be rotating group of musicians call the Soft Skeleton most of the member will inclued Tokai String Quartet and a horn section of Jimmy Shaw (Broken Social Scene, Metric), Evan Cranley (Stars, Broken Social Scene), and Chris Seligman (Stars). Elsewhere, Haines will be backed by Sparklehorse drummer Scott Minor and bassist Paul Dillon.

Here debut solo gig will be the Toronto International Film Festival at September 12 she will incorporate images by indie filmmaker Guy Maddin(From winnpeg) in a special multimedia presentation.

there no solo Detroit gig yet, but there will be one for here main band Metric in London, Ontario on September 14th.

you can here the first single form Knives Don't Have Your Back here
It is call
Our Hell

as we wait for her solo debut, well have to wait for the Dears Follow up "Gang Of Losers ", Originally set for an August release it now been push back for October 3, the First single will be "Ticket To Immortality"


Record review inclued
Guillemots - Through the Windowpane
Jurassic 5 - Feedback
Golden Smog - Another Fine Day
The Pipettes - We Are the Pipettes
Björk - Surrounded
Helmet - Monochrome
Pharrell - In My Mind
Sex Pistols - Spunk
Ice Cube - Laugh Now, Cry Later
Single reviews from
Scissor Sisters: I Don't Feel Like Dancin' [ft. Elton John] [single; from the forthcoming Ta-Dah LP]
The Automatic: Monster [single; from the Not Accepted Anywhere LP]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Cheated Hearts (Peaches Remix)”
From Interview with The Fiery Furnaces Matthew Friedbergeras he ready for his solo debut.
Picture and commets form a show by the Band Of Montreal at Brooklyn's McCarren Park
how the Zidane headbutt hear around the world during the world Cup Final insierd a hit song in of all placed France
a sneak peek of "Weird Al" Yankovic news DVD out on Aug 15 "The Weird Al Show"
and on
The First Live review of of this weekend Pitchfork Music Festival held at Chicago's Union Park, it the clam before the storm before Lollpoazza Next Week.
a review of the Bloc Party show at the stone Pony in NJ
the Fiona Apple/Damien Rice Show at New york Central Park
Gnarls Barkley Live in Boston
The Cover of the New Killers Album "Sam Town"
have pic of the same Of Montreal Show in NYC
The Deseped need to looking for ticket for the last Sleater-Kinney show in NYC
have there review and picture of the Pitchfork Music Festival
picture of the same of Montreal show in NYC
Pictures of Antony and the Johnson and CocoRosie at the Warsaw in NYC
Golden Smog at the Bowery in NYC
Mew in NYC
And a CAt Power in NYC

This Week in The Movie Sreccen The Pirate Ship was sunk off the coast of Miami and Captin Jack was takeing in Book from Crockett and Tubbs, well at least in the Movies.

Miami Vice knock off Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest recored thre weeks runs at the tops by taking $25.2 million, the John Deep Pirate filck took in $20.5 total gross is $358.4 million to become the highest grossing film in Disney's history, passing the $339.7 million of the Pixar Flick "Finding Nemo."

This week two other New Films did OK, John Tucker Must Die which got bad review Finsh a decent third $14 million and the Ant Bully which got good reviews finsh 5th but with a weak $8.2 million but it fall Below 10 Millions Dollars.

This week top 10

1. "Miami Vice," $25.2 million.
(We took down a big fish)
2. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," $20.5 million.
(But well be back for memoarl Day 2007)
3. "John Tucker Must Die," $14 million.
4. "Monster House," $11.5 million.
5. "The Ant Bully," $8.2 million.
6. "Lady in the Water," $7 million.
7. "You, Me and Dupree," $7 million
(Not Me)
8. "Little Man," $5.1 million.
(the weekend gross is getting smaller and Smaller)
9. "The Devil Wears Prada," $4.8 million.
10. "Clerks II," $3.9 million.
(There lucky they made it to a second week on the top 10)

And Dont foget tomorrow dont for get at 10 PM on a live webcast of Sleater-Kinney last ever DC show and barring a merical in portland last live set from the girl.

Weather Tomorrow
Dont ask
Hi is at 96° with the heat index at 105°

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