Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Came From the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

It 9:40 PM as i tyed this, and 3:40 in the Middle of the Night in the UK and in the Break News Folder Below i put a post From the BBC on the last ever top of the pops which aired it last ever show tonight on BBC 2 Far remove from the glory years from the 60 and 70 and the 80 as i was hoping video of the last ever show would pop up on you tube, But they have not apperd yet so in this the very last video of the Nearly three weeks looking back at top of the pops i think i go indie this one last time, it from one of my fave underrated bands of all time, and there from scotland, and just Like Lisa Lobe becoming the first unsing band or artist to reach No.1, This Now long gond band(but all of them have refrom with two new members to from Data Plank)was the first unsing bands to play top of the pops

it The Comic book band

with Kandypop

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