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Post, Friday August 4

Today Post is very short

I am on Assingment tonight at the big show at the state Theater Tonight for tonight Big Show with The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, and the Go Team so i dont have time for a full post, it one of thouse cut and copy post.

So i will be back on monday with what happend over the week end incluing the Racountre show at the michigan theater in Ann Arbor, and how the reaction from the crowd will be after months of Detroit bashing by by ex-Detroitoit, In today Detroit News Writer Adam Graham Slam Jack White Big time For dising detroit after he move from Detroit to Nashville,
you can click here for the full story.

And if you wondering i have a quiet birthday only three people said Happy Birthday to me i am 33, One from myspace (The Fonda lead Singer Julie Benjan-Buick, My Sister and my brother From Jail) nothing speacil as i waste my years living in depersstion doing this blog.

and the weather for the Next Four Day in the Detroit Metro area
Today (Friday)
Fair and Sunny - Hi of 87°
Saturday - Mostly Sunny - 85°
Sunday - Mostly Sunny - 89°
And on Monday - Mostly Sunny 84°

And if your going to grant Park Fro Lollapalooza
the weather There
Sunny - 88°
Saturday - Mostly Sunny - 88°
Sunday - Isolated thunderstorms - 89°

Good News in both Citys Not that hot at the begin of the weekend
Have a Nice weekend

Outside the 313 Indie News

Arthur Lee, legendary frontman for the influential psych-rock band Love, has died. He was 61 years old.

As previously reported, Lee was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Several recent benefit concerts, including one at New York City's Beacon Theater featuring Robert Plant, Yo La Tengo, and Ryan Adams, among others, raised money to help pay Lee's medical expenses. Lee's manager, Mark Linn, sent out the following email just minutes ago:

"Arthur Lee died peacefully at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, a little after four in the afternoon Aug 3, 2006 with his wife Diane by his side. His death comes as a shock to me because Arthur had the uncanny ability to bounce back from everything, and leukemia was no exception. He was confident that he would be back on stage by the fall.

"When I visited with him recently, he was visibly moved by the stories and pictures from the NYC benefit concert. He was truly grateful for the outpouring of love from friends and fans all over the world since news of his illness became public. We watched the DVD of the great House of Blues concert from '03, and he told me how much he appreciated [backing band] Baby Lemonade's dedication to his music.

"Arthur always lived in the moment, and said what he thought when he thought it. I'll miss his phone calls, and his long voice messages, but most of all I'll miss Arthur playing Arthur's music."

So will we.


He fakes a pass! He goes for the shot! Goal! Let's hear that victory music! Wait, is that "Brand New Colony" by the Postal Service?

2K Sports has announced that of the 18 songs on NHL 2K7's soundtrack, most will be by Sub Pop artists. After all, body checks produce the same bloody noses, be they at hockey games or rowdy concerts.

"While Sub Pop and hockey are rarely mentioned in the same breath, the vibe of our music really suits the action of NHL 2K7," said Sub Pop publicity/marketing director Steve Manning in a press release. "Because 2K Sports values authenticity in its games with the same passion we treasure authenticity in our artists, we knew this partnership would resonate with fans of both the sport and our music."

NHL 2K7 and its indie soundtrack are coming to Xbox in September (a specific date has not yet been announced) and will be available for the PlayStation just in time to stuff hipster couch potatoes' stockings.

Sub Pop tracks Included On NHL 2K7:
Runaround - Arlo
Wicked Gil - Band Of Horses
Talk To Me, Dance With Me - Hot Hot Heat
Hot Stenographer - Kinski
Temptation Island - Love As Laughter
Empty Shells - Mudhoney
Giant - Nebula
Brand New Colony - The Postal Service
Losing Skin - Seaweed
Rollercoaster - Sleater-Kinney
Working Full-Time - The Constantines
I Hold The Sound - The Thermals


Much like John Peel himself, the Delgados are gone but not forgotten. And the members of the band are not forgetting their erstwhile fans, either, which is why they've assembled The Complete BBC Peel Sessions for an August 8 release on Transdreamer in America. (It came out on June 12 on Chemikal Underground in the UK.)

Exactly what it claims to be, The Complete BBC Peel Sessions collects every Peel Session track from the group's debut on the show in 1996 through to their last appearance in 2004 on a two-disc, 29-song set that includes covers of ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" and the Dead Kennedys' "California Über Alles" (back to back!). According to a press release, "extensive liner notes that deal with the background of the sessions, the recording of specific tracks, and the odd anecdotal aside" will also be included. Check the tracklist after the jump.

The Complete BBC Peel Sessions:

Disc 1:

01 Lazarwalker
02 Blackwell
03 I've Only Just Started to Breathe
04 Primary Alternative
05 Under Canvas Under Wraps
06 4th Channel
07 Teen Elf
08 Sucrose
09 Everything Goes Around the Water
10 The Arcane Model
11 Pull the Wires From the Wall
12 Mauron Chanson
13 Repeat Failure
14 Don't Stop
15 Blackpool
16 The Weaker Argument Defeats the Stronger

Disc 2:

01 No Danger
02 Make Your Move
03 Accused of Stealing
04 Aye Today
05 Mr. Blue Sky
06 California Über Alles
07 Matthew and Son
08 Last Rose of Summer
09 A Parcel of Rogues
10 I Fought the Angels
11 Ballad of Accounting
12 Is This All That I Came For?
13 Everybody Come Down


Bloc Party host Kele Okereke has passed out goody bags to his favorite attendees-- the people of fan site

Okereke hooked the webpage up with an exclusive list of tracks set to appear on the band's sophomore album.

The Jacknife Lee-produced record is set to include at least a portion of the following tunes:

A Prayer to the Lord
Hunting for Witches
It Started in an Afternoon
Song for Clay (Disappear Here)
Waiting for the 7:18
We Were Lovers
Where Is Home?

Those that don't make the cut will likely appear as B-sides at some point in the future. The disc remains untitled at this point in time.


They formed a band, released an enormously great debut record on two different labels, and played one of the most rousing sets at the Pitchfork Music Festival. And now with a tour and a split seven-inch with We Are Scientists, a new record in the works for an early 2007 release, and a new UK label, it's safe to say Art Brut are taking over the world at an astonishing clip.

In an interview at the festival on Saturday, Eddie Argos and guitarist Jasper Future revealed to Pitchfork that they have signed to Mute in the UK. The label has given them a deadline to have their second record "mastered and done by the middle of December," said Argos. "We don't think it's going to happen. But that's the plan." Both Argos and Future, however, were insistent that the album will be released early in 2007.

About the move, Future said, "We were just shopping and we're on so many different labels all over the world that it's like, ‘Oh we just signed to another label.' ‘Oh, great, that's nice.' And then you find out, ‘Oh, that is pretty good. That's amazing.'"

The band have "seven or eight" songs ready for the currently untitled album. Future said, "We've got the music done, and we're just waiting for Eddie to write the words. That takes a bit longer. Eddie's an artist. He needs time to think...We'll be, ‘Have you written the words?' And he'll say, ‘The best way for me to write is on this sofa with my eyes shut.'"

Argos responded, "One time, I was ‘writing' with my eyes shut, and I woke up and they had four new songs."

Among the songs on the record is "Direct Hit", which the band played in unfinished form at the festival. "That was really an unfinished song. We have Eddie bang out the lyrics on the spot," said Future. "It's hard now, though," said Argos. "We play bigger shows. So you can really embarrass yourself." "So we thought we'd embarrass ourselves at the Pitchfork Festival. No one's going to know about that," said Future.

"I have deadlines," said Argos. When asked what the deadline for "Direct Hit" was, he joked, "About forty minutes ago."

Their new album is not all Art Brut have been recording, though. recently announced that the band will release a split seven-inch single with We Are Scientists in time for their upcoming co-headlining tour of North America. The two bands will cover each other's songs on the single, with We Are Scientists reworking "Bang Bang Rock & Roll" and Art Brut taking on a nine-minute version of "The Great Escape".

In an interview with, We Are Scientists frontman Keith Murray said, "What happens during those extra six minutes of the song is anybody's guess...If Art Brut have done any harm to our precious little tune, I will slice them from nape to ‘nads." Yikes!


The late Harry Smith, renowned musicologist, filmmaker, and painter, will be soon receive the tribute treatment with a four-disc box set titled The Harry Smith Project: Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited, due October 24 on Shout! Factory.

The two-CD/two-DVD collection draws performances from Wilco, Beck, Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Richard Thompson, David Johansen, Steve Earle, and more. In addition, it holds a new documentary on Smith's continuous influence on contemporary music, as well as three of his short films.

The tracks, drawn from concerts staged by Hal Willner (who also compiled and produced Revisited) at London's Royal Festival Hall (1999), Brooklyn's St. Ann's Center (1999), and Los Angeles' Royce Hall at UCLA (2001), take inspiration from Smith's six-LP Anthology of American Folk Music. Released in 1952, it introduced listeners to artists such as Mississippi John Hurt, the Carter Family, Robert Johnson, and Blind Lemon Jefferson.

The first DVD, A Concert Film - The Harry Smith Project Live, will be available separately as well.

P.S. Allen Ginsburg took the photo at the top of this story. That gives you some idea of how cool this guy was.


Disc One:

01 David Johansen - "Old Dog Blue"
02 Steve Earle - "Prison Cell Blues"
03 Wilco - "James Alley Blues"
04 Beth Orton - "Frankie"
05 Beck - "Last Fair Deal Gone Down"
06 Kate and Anna McGarrigle - "Sugar Baby"
07 Elvis Costello - "The Butcher's Boy"
08 David Thomas - "Way Down the Old Plank Road"
09 Richard Thompson and Eliza Carthy - "The Coo Coo Bird"
10 Ed Sanders - "My Baby Done Left Me"
11 Nick Cave - "John the Revelator"
12 Eric Mingus and Gary Lucas - "Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting?"
13 Roswell Rudd and Sonic Youth - "Dry Bones"
14 Garth and Maud Hudson - "No Depression in Heaven"
15 Geoff Muldaur - "K.C. Moan"
16 Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer - "When That Great Ship Went Down"

Disc Two:

01 Robin Holcomb - "A Lazy Farmer Boy"
02 Van Dyke Parks and Mondrian String Quartet - "Sail Away Lady"
03 Geoff Muldaur - "Poor Boy Blues"
04 Marianne Faithfull - "Spike Driver Blues"
05 Lou Reed - "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean"
06 Kate and Anna McGarrigle With Elvis Costello - "Ommie Wise Part 1 & 2 (What Lewis Did Last...)
07 Gavin Friday - "Fatal Flower Garden"
08 Bob Neuwirth and Eliza Carthy - "I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground"
09 David Thomas - "Fishing Blues"
10 Mary Margaret O'Hara - "He Got Better Things for You"
11 Mocean Worker - "Harry Goes a Courtin"
12 Robin Holcomb and Todd Rundgren - "The House Carpenter"
13 Don Byron, Percy Heath and Bill Frisell - "This Song of Love"
14 Nick Cave - "Shine on Me"
15 David Johnansen - "James Alley Blues"
16 Petra Haden - "Single Girl Married Girl"

Here Link to the Rest of the Line up


On October 17, Goldfrapp fans will experience a new take on tracks from Supernature when the band releases We Are Glitter (Mute). Featuring remixes by various artists like the Flaming Lips and DFA, We Are Glitter promises 12 tracks even more pulsating than the originals.

Tracklisting For We Are Glitter:
01. Satin Chic - Bombay Mix by the Shortwave Set
02. Lovely 2 C U - T.Raumschmiere Remix
03. Ooh La La - Benny Benassi Remix Extended
04. You Never Know - Múm Remix
05. Satin Chic - Through The Mystic Mix, Dimension 11 by the Flaming Lips
06. Number 1 - Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Main Remix
07. Fly Me Away - C2 Rmx 4
08. Ride A White Horse - Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Part 1
09. Number 1 - Múm Remix
10. Ride A White Horse - FK-EK Vocal Version
11. Slide In - DFA Remix
12. Strict Machine - We Are Glitter Mix [Bonus Track]


The next Oasis project is an album of some of the best songs of their career, though the Manchester boys are saying it is not a greatest hits record. Stop The Clocks will be released November 20 and will include such classic singles as "Supersonic" and "Wonderwall," as well as newer singles like "The Importance Of Being Idle." B-sides have also been confirmed, including fan-favorite "Acquiesce" and "Half The World Away," known as the theme song to the British television show The Royale Family, as well as the song the Noel Gallagher has openly admitted to ripping off from Burt Bacharach. In a remarkable show of either guts or stupidity (always hard to tell with the Gallagher boys), the collection will not include "Live Forever," the breakthrough single from their first album, Definitely Maybe..

Tracklist For Stop The Clocks:
01. Some Might Say
02. Don't Look Back In Anger
03. D'You Know What I Mean?
04. All Around The World
05. Go Let It Out
06. The Hindu Times
07. Lyla
08. The Importance Of Being Idle
09. Masterplan
10. Half The World Away
11. Acquiesce
12. Champagne Supernova
13. Rock 'n' Roll Star
14. Supersonic
15. Wonderwall
16. Whatever
17. Boy With The Blues
18. Stop The Clocks


A man died Tuesday of injuries sustained during a Deftones performance on the Atlanta Stop of the Korn-headlined Family Values Tour.

Andy Richardson, 30, was reportedly beaten by two men on Sunday in the mosh pit at the Hi-Fi Buys Ampitheater. According to his friend, Edgar Arellano, Richardson asked two men to be cautious not to harm his pregnant girlfriend and a mentally challenged child who was there with him, Atlanta’s WSB-TV reported.

Arellano, who attended the concert with Richardson, said a fight broke out and that the men proceeded to beat Richardson.

Korn released the following statement:

“All the bands on THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR offer their sincerest condolences and prayers to the family of 30-year-old Andy Richardson. Richardson, who attended Sunday’s show at Atlanta’s Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater, was beaten by two men at the concert and subsequently was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday, August 1. The incident occurred during the Deftones set, before tour headliners KORN took the stage. KORN are appalled at the actions of these men and are imploring anyone who witnessed this senseless act or has any information about the attack to please immediately come forward by contacting local authorities.”

Richardson had been listed in critical condition after the alleged assault, according to WSB-TV.


Death From Above 1979, the brash, synth-loving duo from Toronto, Canada, has announced they are splitting up after six years together. "I'm sure by now most of you assume the band isn't happening anymore since there are no shows, no work on a new album, etc," bassist Jesse Keeler wrote on the band's official site. "Well, I wanted to let you know that your assumptions are correct. We decided to stop doing the band...Actually we decided that almost a year ago." Keeler went on to reveal that he and bandmate Sebastien Grainger "had grown apart to such an extent that the only real time we spoke was just before we would play and during interviews. We both changed so much that the people we were by the end of it, probably wouldn't have been friends if they were to meet for the first time again." DFA 1979's label hoped the pair would change their minds and asked them to "keep quiet about the decision at first," Keeler wrote. They waited until their debut, You're a Woman and I'm a Machine, went gold in Canada to make the announcement.

Keeler is currently working on his other project, MSTRKRFT, with producer, Al-P. They recently released The Looks. He is also lending his bass talent to Queens of the Stone Age's upcoming album.


Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr., has taken a break from looking fabulously burnt-out to record a solo record, due in October. Now, more details have surfaced: The album is called Yours to Keep, it was recorded at New York’s Electric Ladyland Studios, and it features in a handful of Hammond’s buddies, including Sean Lennon, Ben Kweller, and Fountains Of Wayne’s Judy Porter.
NME has a tracklist.


Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival is taking to the road this year, with 20 dates planned across the U.S. featuring The Mooney Suzuki, The Zombies, The Woggles and more.
The trek will launch September 5 in Solana Beach, Calif., with Phantom Planet appearing on the entire five-date West Coast leg.
The traveling festival will move through the Midwest and East Coast over the next couple of weeks, then finish with a pair of shows in Florida. Venues for the last two gigs are still TBA.
The Mooney Suzuki, The Zombies, and The Woggles will appear on all dates. The Fleshtones are on board September 18-24, and acts including Gore Gore Girls, The Forty-Fives, and Chooglin will perform in select cities along the way.


Thom Yorke has demanded Tony Blair resign immediately over the British government's stance on the conflict raging inIsrael.

The Radiohead star has posted a statement on the band's official website calling for the British Prime Minister to quit, as Hezbollah and the Israeli army wage war in the Middle East.

Yorke insists: "I've had enough of this. Our government sitting on the fence with the U.S. while World War 3 appears to be breaking out in Lebanon and Northern Israel. We must throw Tony Blair out of office NOW. He does not represent the views of British people. He does not represent the views of his foreign office and officials. He does not even represent the views of those in his cabinet. He cares too much about his relationship with Bush and Murdoch. This man is not fit to be our Prime Minister."
Yahoo! News
But this happen

Thom Yorke's post on Radiohead's website, calling for the resignation of British Prime Minister Tony Blair (read more), has been removed from the site with no explanation and fans are wondering why. In the post, published earlier this week, Yorke said "I've had enough of this. Our government sitting on the fence with the U.S. while World War 3 appears to be breaking out in Lebanon and Northern Israel. We must throw Tony Blair out of office NOW. He does not represent the views of the British people." Some fans are calling the post's removal "creepy," while others suggest he should "watch his back."


Have a nice week end From Culture City.

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