Monday, July 31, 2006

It Came From the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

Tonight entry in the club it a normal entry.

Today after three week bidding Fair well to the BBC Show "Top of the Pops"

I Play a Normal video

And Tonight entry is a new video from "The Raconteurs" and there new video "Hands", If the first video "Stead as she Goes"was a showcase for Jack White Girtar works Then "Hands" is a showcase Bearden Benson Songwriting.

The Video start with Jack and the Boys Breaking out of Jail and changing cloest and having a magic do a little tricks they find a hide out, It a "Whartom School For The Deaf Girls", yes it dear school for girls and they entertain the girls and set up the gig, Jack and the boys of the "The Raconteurs" will in town for a show this sunday at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor this Saturday but the show is long Sold Out.

But you can be entertain by this charming video

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