Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Electrical Emergency Forces Cancelled Of tonight Sleater-Kinney Concert and Webcast on npr.org

Posted at 10:42 PM For anyone waiting for tonight last ever DC show by Sleater-Kinney on npr.org, It been Cancelled for tonight but the concerty and the webcast will be Rescheduling

this was posted on the npr.org web sight after i tried to get audio and it was not come on at about 11:10 PM :

NPR.org, August 1, 2006 · In what was to be one of its final performances together, the rock trio Sleater-Kinney was scheduled to visit Washington, D.C. for a full concert, webcast live on NPR.org on August 1. However, an overheated transformer outside the club, and the risk it posed to those in attendance, forced the show's cancellation. It will be rescheduled for a later date, so watch this page for updates

This cancellation put a major Wrench in the last few show before the band end, Next week in Portland, OR next weekend

As you proable already know there have been a major heat wave acroos the country today hi temp was 97*F, Just mintuets before they go air live they found the the 9:30 club transformer was overheated outside the club and posed a risk inside the club So they Cancelled tonight date but they will Rescheduling possable Next week becase the band will played New york city Tommorrow Night and Lollapaloza in Chicago over the week end.

From the 9:30 Club Web sight(www.930.com) two opend Date between The Pretenders (sun -6th) and Gary Numan (Wen-9th) So the Sleater-Kinney Concert and webcast may be Rescheduling on monday with Tuesday as a back-up or Next Tuesday.

Will keep you updated or you can check out npr.org for all the latest.

once agian tonight Sleater-Kinney Concert and Webcast on npr.org been Cancelled for tonight because of a overheated transformer outside the club

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