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The Dally in the Ally
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Hottet then Hades

that was the underlines under the today hi temp in today Detroit Free Press as there was a very bad Heat wave in all of detroit i did not go out yesterday or today to avoid the heat the last two days i been downstair in the basement doing my blog and keeping up with the World Series of Poker with Live as is happend action From Las Vegas at this web sight:

It got so bad with everybody using there AC the power when out in a 1/3 of the city on the east side of town i tank god live on the other side of town

so i did do the blog sight yesterday and the music Club and the New Music Tuesday that is all below the bottom and i did see VH1 classic as they play the video they play the first day on MTV now i did not see MTV to see if they are doing some for there 25 Birthday which i doubt it, and i did listen to the sirius special with the surving orginal MTV VJ, which was nice there was a story on Morning Edtion which you can here at npr.com on MTV 25 and a report back in 1983 on the music video revoltion and asking what ever became of the famlier mtv VJ, but i would go into anoder motor city Myserty outside the 313, which was not talk about on after seeing a old picther in today detroit Free Press Life section:

What ever became of one of the most popualr person on MTV

yes you know what i am talk about who made MTV News very cool in the mid to late 90'and was chief policial reporter during the clinton years and she was a cool report in the indie secen and cover a lot of on of the all time band out of athens Geogia R.E.M. so you are wonder like i am what ever became of Tabitha Soren.

Well i went to the second most powerful tool on the web Wikipedia.org(Next to you tube.com)and she is living a quite begin married for almost nine and haveing two kids so she have not been doing much TV Work, she have sort of Drop out of sight so there you question to a motorcity mystery outside the 313.

This week big gig that could match The sold out gig by The Raconteurs is that mega gig at the state theater in downtown detroit with the go team, sonic youth and the Flaming Lips, The lips are the main band on the bill but and they will continued toring untill the end of september that will inclued a gig in there hometown of Oklahoma City,OK where there gig will be record for a Live CD/DVD tentatively due out in the first part of 2007, according to Billboard.com.

Part of that OK City show will mix with there gig at the Hollywood Bowl last week also according to Pitchfork, the band will upgrade the show with by unveiling a giant UFO that will descend upon the stage amid noises, flashing lights there is a posting on youtube testing the big UFO:

and also from billboard still on the Flaming Lips, the Lips have made a alternate version of "Free Radicals"(from there current CD "At War with the Mystics") to be included in the next Sims video game. It features Wayne singing the lyrics in the Sims language, how weird will that be.

Important gig News as one of my fave bands Yo La Tengo will go out on tour this fall is surport of the brand New Album I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass Which Will be release on September 12 on Matador.

There will come back to the Region not in detroit like all other good bands that have skip dertoit for Frendale(Magic Bag),Royal Oak(Royal Oak Music Theater),or Pointact(Clutch Cargo)or Ann Arbor(Mostly the Magic Bag) and this band will play the A2 on October 4th at The Michigan Theater, No Ticket info yet But the goo folks at Matador have put a link to a single on the ass kicking album at the link below

Yo La Tengo: Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind

As you proable know this the latest Lollapooza festival at grant Park in Chicago, now last weekend the warm up to lolly was at Union Park was the first ever Pitchfork Music Festival (which is run by Pitchforkmedia.com) almost 36,000 music fans pack the park to listen to bands like Art Brut,The Futureheads,Devendra Banhart, Spoon, Danieson, and more fans who was there sunk in the video camera or camera phone to upload on you tube you can fin it here at this
link ,and Full covage on the pitchfork site tommorrow.

In the coming soon department, Jill Cunniff ex-member of the super-funky Luscious Jackson, will release her solo debut this fall. It is call "City Beach" it will be out on October 17 on the Streetwise Lullabies/The Militia Group lable even features Emmylou Harris on the closing track called "Disconnection,".

You can find preview of it on her myspace page at the link below


And here the Track Listing for "City Beach"

01. Lazy Girls
02. Happy Warriors
03. NYC Boy
04. Warm Sound
05. Eye Candy
06. Apartment 3
07. Love Is A Luxury
08. Exclusive
09. Kaleidoscope
10. Future Call
11. Calling Me
12. Disconnection

also coming in two weeks on
CDbaby.comcompilation album featheing band who will played the Musicfest NW Festial which in Portland on September 7-9, the C.D.will have includes Kristin Hersh,the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Spoon and more portland area music.

Also this year feastival will feather the Dandy Warhols, the Silver Jews Stephen Malkmus and Little Steven’s Underground Garage Showcase will also participate, routing its tour (featuring the Zombies, the Mooney Suzuki, the Woggles and Phantom Planet) through Portland September 8.

The CD and the Festival Proceeds will go to the Rock And Roll Camp For Girls and the Oregon Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

And bad News form the Indie magazine Derpartment, Rockpile magazine July 2006 issue will be it last, The alternative-music magazine, founded in 1994 has decided to cease production, citing financial shortcomings.

The Last issued have Pretty Girls Make Graves, the Concretes, Of Montreal,
Ghostface Killah, the Streets, the Go! Team, Aloha, Magic Numbers, the
Making of Sonic Youth's "Goo," Essex Green, Band of Horses

In the new Tune Juke Box

Two tunes Each one from the first solo album from Fiery Furnaces' Matt Friedberger which is called Holy Ghost Language School and Winter Women, Which is out Next week

The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation
From LP one "Winter Women"

Do you Like Blondes?
from LP two "Holy Ghost Language School

And by the way the Weather Tomorrow
more of the Same with a break the afternoon but with a price (afternoon thunderstorms) Hi of 93°, Chance of rain 30%

Oh by the way i taking a break for the next two day (wednesday and Thrusday[It My Birthday})

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